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  • silversplode silversplode Sep 26, 2013 7:26 AM Flag

    Our Founding Fathers

    Especially George Washington, would be up in arms right now.

    The private interests, monied groups, have taken control of the government!

    There is only a difference in rhetoric between the two parties, and the obamacare debate is a distraction for you all while something devious happens.

    They've taken your country from you right under from your nose.

    There remains little time to reverse this.

    Step one is we must demand the Constitution restored, in particular the Bill of Rights.

    Please do some reading up before attacking...that is attacks are welcome if you have something intelligent to say.

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    • "The private interests, monied groups, have taken control of the government!"

      When do you believe they had ever lost it?

    • Search you tube for "DAVID ICKE - THE END GAME! (Extended)" - It shows Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones researching the huge and empty FEMA camps that have been built all across the country and the info station headquarters that will "run" them. And people denying their existence! Oh...and it shows possibly hundreds of thousands of black plastic "coffins" hidden in a remote location.

      Alex Jones is over the top for me, but I respect Icke and Ventura's passion for the truth.
      Watch your mind.

    • We have to band together in a voter revolution and elect a new government. To do that we have to temporarily set aside our differences on issues such as abortion, gay rights, gun control, global warming, etc etc etc and elect a government with new mandates such as fiscal responsibility, punishment for those that break the law in the name of personal greed etc etc . Because I have little faith we can do this until the darkest hour is upon us, these social and personal issues will continue to divide and distract us while the elite back the truck up and steal the country from under us.

    • That monied group came from Europe, they have plundered every continent they ever stepped foot on. Europe is bankrupt, now the US, Japan was taken over after WW2 and look how much debt they have now. The cartel of bankers are the most destructive force on the planet, the real terrorists.

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      • Everyone needs to research Bilderberg. They meet yearly in secret to determine the fate of the world.
        They are the big players closer to the center of the spiders web than political pawns...and they get the party in power they want. These people should be the focus of extermination. There is an awakening to this SOP and that's why everything is escalating. Domination of a NWO is their endgame...and they have most of the puzzle pieces in place.

        We have been played like sheep to police EACH OTHER - to adhere to "norms" and accept"realities" that keep us in conflict ... so they can control and manipulate us with our own fear and chaos. Don't take my word for it--research it.

      • Hyperbole.

    • At times I think people will wake up and I have a little faith, but then I realize the fluoride has got to them.

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      • Very interesting, Fluoride. A substance that is so poisonous that if you sprinkle it on the ground nothing will grow their for 100 years. It is nuclear waste that has to be disposed so the government decided to distribute it in "small" doses via public water systems claiming it helps keep your teeth strong. It just happens to be that ever since then cancers have quadrupled among the population. Yes indeed, trust in your government, they are here to protect you.

      • If we figured it out, we can help others to see.

        There is little time.

        Those who bankrupt us control the media, and therefore public opinion.

        People need to stop and realize that when there are wars, the banking system wins. Both sides need to borrow big bucks for weapons.

        People also need to realize that catastrophic events are PLANNED by these people.

        Once the population is in panic, it will be easier for them to move ahead with a one world, authoritarian form of government.

        The presidents last address to the U.N. had enough clues in it to sink a battle ship.

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