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  • silversplode silversplode Oct 13, 2013 11:09 PM Flag

    Deal or not

    5 years of QE madness and we've gone almost nowhere in reality.

    Labor participation is about the same.

    GDP is pathetic.

    Consumer is more strapped than ever.

    Sure, QE saved the banks, and now their balance sheets should be enough to protect them from "systemic risk". (Although we suspect they've used chains of collateral to gamble and are sitting on horrifying losses that no one is talking about.)

    If earnings drive multiple expansions, or contractions, I think it's obvious that PE's should be shrinking here.

    But all the market sees is QE and a raise of the debt ceiling.

    For now.

    We should be down a lot, lot more right now.

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    • You keep crying on a stock forum Tommy boy. You have me and maybe 6 other people in the world paying attention to you troll. If your life is not fair maybe you aren't fit to live one. Hint hint.

    • i lost close to 250K shorting this garbage !!!! ~~~

      we ride it up with the re ~~ tard ~~~ and short him out of this world ~~~~~

      dude watch it will hit 1692 and then rally ~~~ by dec it will hit 900 ~~~ and then parabolic ~~~~

      obama is a #$%$ ~~~~

    • Just for starters market has more then doubled since March 2009, main and wall street are less leveraged. Economy is growing, soon we will be ending all wars. The only sad part is TEA party, that will disappear in the near future because Americans are smart enough to divorce the pretty girl they saw and realized that she was only attractive till their ideas were heard.

      • 1 Reply to fountain123_45
      • "market has doubled".

        Talk about an illusion.

        Loaf of bread 2009 price, 99 cents.

        Loaf of bread 2013 price, 3.45

        You lost money and didn't even know it, because you were too "smart" to see it!

        Ok geniuses, here's what's happening now......goods are starting to pile up.

        Stores were quite busy today as they were running insane sales....

        Shaw's super markets, buy one get one free on pot roasts. Name brand soda pop, 5 twelve packs for $11.00

        I haven't seen deals like this since 2007.

        Why does crude inventory keep going up? Why are people driving less? Why are earning's stinking up the joint? (Started last quarter, to be honest) and why did they change the "formula" for calculating GDP?

        Don't believe anything you hear or half of what you see. #$%$ is happening right now.

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