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  • darwins_assistant darwins_assistant Oct 25, 2013 10:03 AM Flag

    Global climate change can't be fixed

    Emerging economies are simply not going to tolerate being told they can't modernize to First world standards.
    First World countries can't fix the problem on their own no matter how much they tax carbon emissions. Its fun to grow government that way, and the fact that it won't work shouldn't in the least stop them from doing it.

    The Theatre of the Absurd is always looking for new acts.

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    • Global climate change can't be fixed"

      You really do know better .

      You are assuming facts not in evidence.

      How can you fix something that does not exist?

      If Anthropomorphic Global Warming is the hallucination of the emotionally crippled, the only fix is,, Psychiatry.

    • emerging economies are the exact reason 1st world "producers" should be gearing up and
      into the what could be as expansive as the 2nd industrial revolution. there's PLENTY of
      work for ALL of us at increased wages as well. the age of cold war mentality is over for
      more reasons than I can list. power structure is in a false fear scarcity model they're so
      familiar w/. all they've know for entire adult lives. complete lack of leadership, innovation,
      mechanism(s) to implement. we of course start w/ our own countries and e.e's are recipients
      of massive production. we scale up known technologies, rebuild our own cities and e.e's
      rise as a result as well............
      we could be entering the greatest age of possibility in the world's history as opposed to
      paralysis by fear which is where we are. we've got guys looping the moon 20times a day
      and we can't hook up a desalination plant w/ a clean h2o pipe to imperial valley? I realize
      I've over simplified by considerable margin but...........that's what all those smart geeks,
      quants, "geniuses" sitting in front of crt's on wall street SHOULD be doing. just imagine
      the possibilities........staggering. I realize the complexity, I clearly remember the space race
      to the moon we as a country collectively focused on w/ a single minded pursuit every citizen felt an involvement on some level. wrong reasons of course but........unified positive objective
      for entire country and we actually did it. not much since, beyond a refinement of z-axis

    • "First" world countries absolutely could transition to greener energy sources. Clean fuel technology has existed for decades...suppressed by the Bilderberg cabal because it would collapse their oil and finance INDUSTRIES. It would be awesome if emerging economies confronted the cabal.

    • Global climate change cannot be fixed because they cannot regulate the SUN!

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