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  • boycott_china_products boycott_china_products Nov 15, 2013 3:19 PM Flag

    1 Cent Communist Cheap China donates $100,000 to PI, PI donates $450,00 to China Earthquake

    Google Cheapskate China Wins No Friends in Philippines or go to Bloomberg and read full

    The Philippines who is economically poorer than China - the 2nd biggest economy in the world actually contributed $450,000 to China after the 2008 Sichuan earthquake.

    Yet the 1 Cent Communist Cheap China only contributed $100,000 to Philippines for Typhoon Haiyan.

    The girls scout can easily raise over $100,000 selling cookies, even the cubs scouts can make this money. Many catholic elementary and high school, public high school marching bands, footballs teams, drama team, track and field, chorus and chess team here in the US even with the current bad economy can raise $100,000 easily.

    Hmmm I wonder how many fortune cookies did 1 Cent Communist Cheap China sell worldwide?

    How many made in China products were sold worldwide?

    How cheap can you get? The Philippines should be grateful, at least its six digit figures.

    Imagine how much More disappointed the Philippines and rest the world would be if it was a five digit figures or less.

    What can you expect from Communist Cheap China.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • It is our fault if we buy made in China, buy no more until it is balanced.

    • Just because the poor Philippines donated $450,000 to China - the 2nd biggest economy in the world after the 2008 Sichuan earthquake doesn't mean that 1 Cent Communist Cheap China have to
      donate 1 single yuan.

      Is apparent there's a huge difference between the 2 countries in terms of morals, between what's right and wrong, between religion and no conscience, the way of life.

      Everything about China is cheap - what did you expect. From the products they make, to how they treat their people, to how they treat their environment, intellectual property, basic human rights, respect of life liberty and justice.

      But not to worry I'm sure the poor Philippines will continue to donate to China when a natural disaster occurs with zero expectation of return.

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