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  • thewatcher3434 thewatcher3434 Jan 9, 2014 6:36 PM Flag

    Some have commented I have no right to use my analysis on this forum

    And to those who have said what I am doing is wrong, I would like you to remember I am doing nothing more than exercising my right to free speech, which is a constitutional right. I am doing so in a manner that does not contain foul language, harassment, or any other form of negative subject matter.

    I am long retired, no longer in practice and simply providing my opinion on certain individuals who post nothing but filth on these forums. I am doing this for the greater good of the service, to try and bring back trading debates, investment theories etc.

    I find it quite ironic that some of you feel this is wrong, when posters such as Mr. Hutchinson use these forums to attack, spread filth, offer trading services for a fee and try to profit off of a free service, with absolutely zero credentials, licenses or disclosures.

    I am humble in my old age, and do not expect a thank you from anyone. Go ahead and "dislike" my posts, attack me all you want. I have been an investor for over 50 years, have lived a wonderful life, been married for over 40 years and have built a legacy many of you would be thankful to build.

    My goal is to make this board a better place and bring back the essence of investing. Some of you do not realize how much you turn off the good traders from coming here, when the see the mental side show that takes place thanks to Mr. Hutchinson and others I will not name.

    Please keep it respectful. It will help us all. Besides, how can some of you harass and degrade people you do not even know?


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