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  • reagan_rebotted reagan_rebotted Apr 2, 2014 10:29 PM Flag

    you forgot yer fuqin breifcase

    bwaaaaaaaaaaaa watch?v=T9ckjELRL6Y

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    • had a gay guy from paris lease some space from me.
      big guy, but.......when he walked you could tell he was gay.
      he came home all beat up, it was hysterical - not really but it was kinda funny.
      6'3" easy 225 fit grown man, got jacked by a couple black guys.
      I said rommie, you're gonna have to dig deep and find your macho side dude!!
      I slapped him in the face till he finally lunged at me. atta boy rommie, GET MAD BROTHER!!
      I gave him a 18" 3/4 galvanized piece of pipe, always put that pipe up his sleeve,
      bout 2~3 months later, he came home w/ a big beaming smile and totally full of himself. he'd been riding a bike and they ran out and knocked him off it. he came out w/ that pipe and said he almost killed one and got a bunch of good licks in on the other guy!!
      then he was an insufferable tough guy, oh man - can't win
      funny the change in his whole demeanor, great to watch the change

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