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  • xtgeminiman Jul 8, 2014 9:50 PM Flag

    Barry Needs To Realize He Is Very High On The Hit List If There's An Insurrection

    He better wise up. The military's oath is to the Constitution, not its dictator. They will not stand with him and there are not enough libs that will stand up and defend him. The citizens are ready to rise and take back their nation.

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    • TALK is cheap

    • "The citizens are ready to rise and take back their nation." - I'll believe that when I see it. "We" are so drunk, sedated and now stoned that I just don't see that there could be enough momentum to do anything.

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      • Oddly enough the people in the community of Murrietta CA ,,,,,,,,, of all places,,,,,, CA,,,, have had enough of barry and his incompetence.
        Until now, the predominance of loud boisterous protestors have been the illegal aliens demanding "equal rights"..
        The conditions are ripe,,,,, the accelerant is plentiful,, the sparks are beginning to fly, and if the flame is lit, all that is needed is a true leader of the citizens of America to Fan The Flames.

    • lol you just earned some "special attention" from the NSA, hope it was worth it

    • Democratic self-rule is one of the most humane innovations in human history. Before democracy, the only way to get rid of kings, tyrants and dictators was through assassination, sedition or civil war. Democracy made all that cruelty and bloodshed unnecessary.

      The trade-off with democracy is that in exchange for being able to elect your government, you agree to abide by the duly elected government until you can change it in subsequent elections. Basically, you take turns. This is the core concept of democracy. Any form of imposed government must be inherently totalitarian. Is this what you are proposing?

      I increasingly see seditious threats on the right, calls for insurrection, overthrow, even assassination. Even if you did succeed in overthrowing a duly elected government, what would you put in its place? Who would choose the new goverment? Would it be imposed on the people by a few right wing nutjobs?

      The other great thing about democracy is that is is cheaper to operate than dictatorships. Imposed regimes require a great deal of force, threats and oppression over people. In the end, you cannot hire enough people to keep it in place very long. Those you hire to maintain control get disgusted and join the other side. It is very difficult and expensive to maintain forced control over a nation. Imposed governments rarely succeed compared to democracies (i.e. North Korea).

      When you say you want to "take back" America, what are you really saying? The majority of Americans elected this government. What are you planning to "take back", and how?

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      • The "few right wing nutjobs" smear isn't cool though understandable in this particular instance. The seesaw has equal weight on both ends.

        I am a secessionist. I advocate an amicable divorce. If a Catholic anti-divorce attitude is used by opponents, then (regardless of their paper mandate and ESPECIALLY regardless their Mobocratic ballot box stuffed faux mandate) I believe there are solution alternatives among the strategic innovations of Gandhi, King and especially specific Irish Nationalist at specific periods to resolve the impasse. The cost is it may take a very long time. This means it'll get a lot worse before getting better. That is the price of peace and the social justice of individual and localized choice.

        The Union is broken. It is broken because several design flaws in the Constitution, over the course of 227 years, have led to a series of failures and the impact of these failures has aggregated to a systemic fail assessment on my part at least.

        Heterdox solutions are necessary for race track long list of reasons. The most notable is the effective erasure of Article V - the founding fathers knew they were not perfect and built a methodology for patching flaws peacefully and without revolution. That tool has been suppressed. lleH it has never been used.

        On paper your well thought out and written response was nearly flawless. But that is the Potemkin village. Democracy has been raped via the Immigration Act of 1965 and universal suffrage - UNIVERSAL not only to non-contributors to the Treasury but also to non-Americans. There are many flavors of Democracy and some of them are as destructive to Rational Man as the non-Democratic modes. Today's Democracy is the Democracy of the coliseum which necessarily engenders the likes of Commodus, Andrew Jackson and Obama.

      • xtgeminiman Jul 9, 2014 6:43 AM Flag

        I wrote about this last weekend. Democracy breaks down when you have politicians promising things to the masses rather than focusing on what's best for the country and when the vast majority of the population is uneducated and has no real idea what someone stands for and what the consequences are. 2008 was more of a populist movement and could be seen as anomaly but 2012 shows the failures of democracy.

        Read Plato and Aristotle's criticisms of democracy. They thought it was the worst governing system possible.

      • Very well written. I don't agree but it is well written.

      • The question we are asking ourselves is do we abide rules written by fools?

    • Libs will burn their EBT card before they fight

    • The libs are all disarmed! Works for me, lol!!!

    • Cliven Bundy's Home on the Range - Mark Fiore


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