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  • jon.mcarthy jon.mcarthy Nov 16, 2011 9:00 PM Flag

    ***I will explain why LNKD goes Down Tomorrow & who Bought today

    what you posted is true in terms of words that are generic in every prospectus. But think about this if I am the under writer why would I want to purchase more shares when I know that more supply is hitting the market on Monday morning..15 million shares of eager to sell employees!!!!The easy money is to short or naked short and cover from who ever wants to sell on Monday....that is the easy money. Do you think these underwritters give a crap about the people that bought in the secondary..think again

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    • The real short answer to, "do they give a crap about the people ..." is "no."

      Don't get me wrong, I'm short on this, but I fully expect it to go up tomorrow and/or Friday. Here is why they will support it:

      It would be bad business for them *not* to support the stock during the secondary -- they are in the business of investment banking, and if they don't do it, then it would negatively affect their business in the future. They want the Facebook IPO. They want future IPO's and SPO's from other companies. Those companies are going to give their investment banking business to investment banks that they think will get them results.

      If they did *not* support the stock, then it would be harder from them to get SPO business from other companies and even harder for them to get investors in the SPO's they do get.

      Plus, the investors that they sell to would be screwed, and they would lose those people's business.

      The SPO investors are not idiots and will probably quickly dump their shares. I think buying into this or covering is a total sucker's move. Just hang tough.

    • There are no shares available to short !!!!

    • Do I think you give a crap about the people that bought in the secondary..think again

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