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  • insect_insight insect_insight Jan 13, 2013 7:22 PM Flag

    PANIC BUYING coming to LNKD, 175 or higher by April


    Despite basher assertions to the contrary, LNKD has left former bearish channel and entered a newC CONFIRMED bull channel....and soon the increasing upside momentum will lead to PANIC BUYING in the stock, as it GAPS UP repeatedly.

    For those cynics and short bashers who believe this prediction is overly optimistic and that the coming price levels are not justified by real fundamentals, you best be aware that ALL HOT MOMO stocks ALWAYS radically exceed real fundamental valuations.

    That proved true in the last hi tech bull market of the late 90s and will prove true again. That is why SMARTER pros are loading the boat with longs, particularly in the money calls, which stand to make THOUSANDS of percent return over the next period. At the same time, SMARTER pros are WRITING puts, to the max, that will expire worthless in the blink of an eye.

    Another equity that is going through a near identical re-entry into a strong bull channel is Facebook (FB) which, while in its bear channel, was truly a dog, but now stands to outperform MASSIVELY all other equities, and by miles and miles.

    Taking maximum long and call positions for this rocket to the sky.....and knowing it will certainly happen because in ALL markets, TECHNICALS ALWAYS RULE, period. In fact, as SMART market vets know full well, the technical movements typicallY PRECEDE fundamental developments, and you can predict the nature of a fundamental event (negative or positive) based upon each and every preceding TECHNICAL trend.

    This is a FACT and unfortunately the mostly slow brain AMATEURS just never get it, not even close.

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    • Ha ha, if all was so simple. The higher this goes, the harder it will fall. I don't care if this goes to 150, 200 or 300. I will short more and more and cover all way below $100 when this stupid distribution game is over and this pos falls apart.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • why u say so?

    • You are hilarious. Where did they find you? I image you in a orange checked coat and lime green pants, with cigarette breath and stained teeth.

      Did I get it right?

      I had to show about a dozen people your clownish posts... I can't stop laughing at the "professional". It may very well be that what you say will happen, but based on what you say, you do not have the first clue as to what techinicals are ... you just have the used car saleman sound bites, with no understanding or substance.

    • yes you got the panic is coming your way this morning.. you are in for a quite a fall ..

    • Actually, I agree with you. The only difference is that today, unlike the late 90s, the public is almost completely absent from the market. JP Morgan, the other banks and their related and complicit fund managers are free to raise price at will and book all of the phantom profits that they want (they can just NEVER sell, because there is no one who will ever buy, but them)... and they are safe to do it without ANY interference from th public because they have both trained the public to believe that fundamentals matter AND they have completely detached the LNKD prics from any relationship to fundamental value.

      I also agree with you on technicals. Technicals chart price manipulation and since price manipulation follows predictable patterns it is easy to see where the price will go ... or you could just think to yourself what price movement will benefit the manipulators most? Obviously up ... and that is why the price will go up ... because the price manipulators do not benefit if the price goes down. Ain't the fraud-market wonderful and easy to understand.

    • completely agree with you.

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