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  • marketsrumblesss marketsrumblesss Jan 30, 2013 1:01 PM Flag

    Poll: How old is insect_insight

    My guess: 6. Anyone care to take the over?

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    • No I acutally say he's in his mid 30's but acts like a 6 year old. btw insect feb puts are going up interesting how that happens when a stock goes down

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      • I agree mid 30's and was never able to find a job in finance. This imbecile majored in finance at some overpriced private d school on long island or near the north east. He tells himself but I don’t understand I majored in finance why wont the give me a job. It must be some kind of racism or just afraid of my genius. So he still lives at home, guaranteed. He then had his mother pay for some overpriced seminar for a few grand at some local Hotel. His mother is probably a very nice lady but naïve to her son’s manipulation. She wasn't born here, probably Asia. The dad has some money. They have a nice suburban home fully paid for. So jr has a strong resentment to Wall Street professionals that went to real schools and found jobs. Now he has no expenses and can let himself be fooled by the short term randomness of a stocks prices and believe he has it all figured out.

        He has no friends and looks kind of funny, socially awkward.

      • Don't be too hard on the _insect. His mom couldn't find him a better job and since he has 24 years of education and was living in the basement he took the job of "paid board troll" just to get the old bat off his back.

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