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  • insect_insight insect_insight Feb 7, 2013 8:52 PM Flag

    FINAL words of SMART ADVICE from a trading GENIUS to my sweet AMATEUR LNKD BASHER FAILURES


    In conclusion, ladies, there may be those of you who feel I am far far far too "nasty" in my approach.....but nothing infuriates me more than AMATEUR CLUELESS SMALL SPEC DOPES who have NO idea how wall street REALLY WORKS...but who presume that, because they studied CNBCrapola or most of the other Big Media DISINFO vehicles, somehow that confers a level of "expertise" upon them when, so obviously, they know NOTHING!!! As every SMART market pro knows, CNBCrapola always existed as nothing more than a mass DISINFO propaganda agent for GE Capital, the mammoth hedge fund, and its wall street partners in crime, in order to aggregate small spec DUPES as counterparties for their trades.

    Ladies, it takes many years of EMPIRICAL OBSERVATION and many years of INCISIVE RESEARCH to reach my level of trading expertise. So before you choose to razz or ridicule or mock your intellectual superiors, you best obtain a level of knowledge about markets and how wall street REALLY works that is at least somewhat commensurate to my own before you have the audacity to share my cyberspace and challenge me. You need to EARN the right to argue with me, ladies, before you can dare presume to mock, ridicule, or razz me.

    To that effect, I have been more than happy to give back the mocking ridicule (and then some!!) to those who chose to dump their abuse upon me.

    In any case, a key reason I am so sharply confrontational with the AMATEUR SUCKERS is as a means of "shaking them up" and getting them to face REALITY instead of all these absurd myths and dumb notions they learned via the many BIg Media DISINFO shills for "The Boys" on wall street. Once again, let me de-program you from the more OBVIOUS LIES: PE ratio and INSIDER sales have ZERO effect upon stock price...repeat...NONE!!!

    For those who wonder how to trade LNKD until Feb expiration, let me reiterate the Law of Perpetual Motion that I attempted to teach you previously as pertains to bull market stock like LNKD.....the odds favor that LNKD will continue to GAP UP STRONGLY all the way to FEB expiration and any intra day dips will be PHONY and BRIEF.

    So, ladies, if you got SUCKERED again, your best bet is to CLOSE OUT your INEVITABLY WORTHLESS LNKD PUTS, asap, for whatever residual value you can grab., then shift funds asap into LNKD stock longs and in the money CALLS, to the max. As LNKD continues to rise SHARPLY into FEB expiration, your $$$ PROFITS in LNKD calls will far overwhelm any losses you suffered in your WORTHLESS LNKD PUT positions.

    Ladies, as I tried to teach you previously, there are COMPELLING reasons why SMARTER pros chose to place most $$$ into EXPENSIVE in the money LNKD CALLS, particularly the 110 CALL strike point. In a CONFIRMED MEGA BULLISH stock like LNKD, the odds of the stock falling below 110 in the next week are effectively 1% likely, at best. That is a statistical FACT derived from HISTORICAL and EMPIRICAL observation of LNKD trading patterns.

    Or if you delude yourselves into thinking you are smarter than SMART market vets like me, then go ahead and continue buying LNDK PUTS, then watch as those new positions also get WIPED OUT.

    This AINT rocket science, ladies, NO need for "special" wall street "advisers," all you require is an operating brain and the ability to see REALITY and THE OBVIOUS for what they are.

    This topic is deleted.
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