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  • insect_insight insect_insight Feb 14, 2013 7:26 PM Flag

    LNKD charts indicate near VERTICAL RISE from 160 to 203-205


    Ladies, although there may be a few miniscule corrections between now and the 203-205 level, I expect them to be no longer than single day dips, and they will be ERASED COMPLETELY in a heartbeat. That price target will be reached by first week of April, at the latest.

    We are in the midst of an obvious PANIC BUY WAVE, ladies, one that I very ACCURATELY predicted many many moons ago, as per the MEGA MEGA MEGA BULLISH LNKD technicals.....and I bet the ranch on that won, ladies, and WON HUGE!!!!!

    In fact, there is NO doubt that this LNKD PANIC BUY WAVE is happening and tomorrow I plan to make the LARGEST LONG bet of my life in LNKD....both stock and in the money CALLS...and will take on MAXIMUM leverage because, ladies, I happen to own THE BIGGEST BALLS OF STEEL on wall street, period.

    As I tried to teach my sweet AMATEUR LNKD BASHER FAILURES, the SMARTER pros ONLY purchase the expensive IN THE MONEY CALL OPTIONS.....the AMATEURS buy the hi risk out of the money strikes.

    The SAFEST in the money CALL STRIKES for MARCH happen to be the 140 and 145 strikes......there is effectively NO chance in hell that LNKD can break down below those strikes for any sustainable duration, as LNKD is now on a fast track to hit that next significant resistance point at 203-205.

    Live and learn from your intellectual superiors, and LEARN!!!

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