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  • readpredatornation readpredatornation Mar 2, 2013 2:12 PM Flag

    Greater Fools, AAPL Provides No Deterrence

    Wouldn't surprise me if this goes much higher. That said, everyone thought APPL would continue higher forever, and there are no shortage of other similar examples. I wouldn't want to be holding this when the major holders decide they've seen enough or when an unexpected catalyst threatens their model. If I were savvy enough or ballsy enough to have bought in early, I'd either be taking or hedging my profits and looking elsewhere. There's plenty of other good opportunities out there. Congrats to those who were early. Let's see if you can hang on to your profits.

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    • Greater fools? Really? Here is one for YOU.

      "Better to be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt"

      There is some advice for the future, but since you opened your mouth in this instance, I guess you are fair game.

      No deterrence? Using the single stock, that represented the single fastest growing wealth creation (the company itself) example in HISTORY, as a cautionary tale is hysterical. It has finally pulled back.....after years. I guess you sort of offer up a disclaimer, "If I was savvy enough to have bought in early.." but for anyone that wold be silly enough to still listen to you, I would say that those that were savvy enough to get in early (and the big dogs that are piling in with their mutual/hedge funds now) know that there is a lot of fuel left in the tank and the runway for LNKD is long.

      Your kind of logic has kept people away from the biggest winners in investing history as each new high (which you see as scary) is how companies go from being worth 10M to 50M to 100M to 500M to 1B to 5B to 10 B to 50B.......600B in the case of the your example. Stay away at your own risk. Of course, all runs will eventually end, but a broken clock is also right twice a day, so it would be best not to use it to tell time. A better piece of advice would be to let your winners ride until their earnings stop growing.

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