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  • honglicool honglicool Sep 19, 2013 2:06 PM Flag

    Fed supported short squezze done, market is ready for 2013 crash in Oct

    Now, evacuation, get your money in your money bag, hold it tight, rough ride is may throw your money out. Hide in safe place, wait for next leg in after Oct.

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    • man, this will come when no on expects, could be next week, thes valuations always get hammered, but the question is when. that is the key question, so you have to wait it out, the initial crash this time should be 5% in a single day in the markets. No way in hell any person with sanity going to enter this market when even Buffet is saying stocks are fairly valued, Leon Copperman saying they are overpriced, I am saying thay are i a largest bubble of history. After Ben leaves the Fed, watch for a crash, just like when Bernanke took over, they will blame it on Bernanke after he leaves, for now just stay away or day trade small amounts only

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      • It might turn out 1703 is the FED blessed bottom that you will never see in your entire life. Before QE3 quit the QE4 is already on the way in form of 1000 billion a week to support. It is clear Ben and Fed have to make wall street happy otherwise Summers is the example. Summers is wise enough since he know he will be found dead meat if he is stupid enough to quit QE. Wall street will eat him alive.

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