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  • james.mike97 james.mike97 Dec 28, 2012 12:50 PM Flag

    Why Mimv will be the #1 breakout otc stock for 2013!

    That is, until they uplist to Nasdaq or recieve a lucrative Buyout!

    How it all started:
    Mimvi Enters Partnership Agreement with Microsoft

    SUNNYVALE, Calif., Sept. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Mimvi, Inc. (OTCQB: MIMV) has announced that it has finalized a partnership agreement with Microsoft Corp. The partnership will see Mimvi develop a number of products and services to complement Microsoft's Windows Azure and Windows Mobile 8 Platforms. The agreement also involves Microsoft making investments in Mimvi in the form of engineering services, software, and cash.

    "We are delighted to be working with Microsoft," commented Kasian Franks , Mimvi's founder, CVO and Chairman. Franks continued, "Microsoft shares our mobile vision of the future. Their tremendous expertise, resources and reach, combined with Mimvi's best-in-class mobile app search technology is a very exciting proposition."

    Mimvi's CEO, Michael Poutre , echoed Franks' thoughts: "It is a privilege to work with Microsoft. Everyone at Mimvi is excited at the opportunities this partnership presents as we enter a mobile-dominant world. The synergies of this relationship will benefit stakeholders across the mobile value chain."

    Exact terms of the agreement will not be disclosed at this time.

    PR Newswire

    Specifically, Mimvi will develop a number of products and services to complement the Windows Phone 8 apps that will be hosted on Microsoft's Windows Azure public cloud, the two companies said. ( This part is important, the two companies are Microsoft and Mimvi. This proves that Mimvi is not full of shi# ). The agreement also involves Microsoft making undisclosed investments in Mimvi in the form of engineering services, software and cash.

    As history has proven, a vibrant app ecosystem is essential to spur adoption of a phone platform. The number of apps published to Microsoft’s Windows Phone app store, by one estimate , was just over 100,000 in June. But just over 77,000 were available to U.S. users. AppBrain estimates that over 520,000 Android apps are available, with a quarter of them ranked as “low-quality” apps that are likely to be removed. Apple’s App Store now plays host to 700,000 apps, the company said at its iPhone 5 launch.

    At the same time, Microsoft’s share of the U.S. smartphone market shrank from 4.0% to 3.6% in July, the most recent numbers available from comScore. Google’s Android holds 52.0%, versus 33.4% for Apple’s iOS.

    Pushing the best apps in front of users has to be a priority for Microsoft. And that’s where Mimvi comes in.

    What Is Mimvi, Anyway?

    Essentially, Mimvi’s front page is an App Search Engine, complete with a minimalist white page, a large logo and an unadorned search box. Type in “Bejeweled,” for example, and the site returns a list of results, ranked by relevance, with a left-hand nav bar available to filter out apps running on iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone - and even Facebook and Web apps.

    Each listed app links directly to the app’s marketplace, so that a search for the Android receipt app, Lemon, clicks directly into Google Play. Each app also comes with a “star” ranking of one to five, although Mimvi apparently curates its own results; Lemon for Android, for example, claimed that 304 people had voted it a total of of four stars, while Google Play claims 3,750 have awarded it an average of 4.5 stars.

    Windows 8 And Windows Phone 8 - Better Together

    Microsoft has also set out to push developers hard to create apps for the Windows 8 platform. On Sept. 22, Microsoft brought together 2,567 developers at a single location in India to compete in Windows AppFest - a non-stop 18 hours coding marathon for developing Windows 8 applications. The effort earned Microsoft the somewhat dubious Guinness World Record for Most Participants in a Software Development Marathon in One Location. According to the unofficial WinAppUpdate blog , there are now 2,079 Windows 8 apps available internationally.

    That’s important, because Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 will partially share a common code base . Known as “the common core,” it represents a shared set of code between Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 that will allow developers to write an app once for Windows 8 and make minimal changes to port it to Windows Phone 8. Apps will share drivers and hardware, including multicore processors.

    “The net of this, in our opinion: We will see more apps, bigger apps coming faster, and we will see bigger, more beautiful apps running on Windows Phone running faster than ever before,” Joe Belfiore, the Microsoft vice president who is responsible for Windows Phone, said in June.

    But if no one knows those apps are there, Microsoft loses - hence the investment in Mimvi.

    This is what Poutre told S/A writer AppHead in October " that Mimvi is in the process of migrating thousands of Apple iOS and Google Android apps to the Windows 8 mobile platform." Of equal significance, "Mimvi is currently working closely with Microsoft in relation to releasing mobile apps that utilize the Windows Azure cloud services platform. "

    So MIMV is far from being a scam, like TAGG for example.

    Mimv is the real deal!

    With a real Ready Buisness Model.
    With real potential multiple Revenue streams.
    With real patent pending Technology under Franks.
    With a real Partnership with Microsoft.
    With a real 2.3 million raised capital
    With a real books that are clean.
    With really having the Largest Search Index in Mobile Search today.
    Who really believes they are uplisting to Nasdaq sooner rather than later.
    With a real Innovator like Kasian Franks, Creator of the Award winning Technology in Seeqpod.

    From the 10-Q:
    Mimvi has initiated several development, marketing and engineering efforts with Microsoft Corp. that we expect will combine Mimvi's proprietary search and discovery technology with Microsoft's Azure Cloud platform, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 product lines - including Microsoft Surface tablets and other devices.

    The first of these initiatives is the development of "Mimvi Mobile App Search" for Windows Phone 8, a mobile app that enables Microsoft consumers to search, discover and receive recommendations for mobile apps, mobile content, and mobile products. In addition, Microsoft and Mimvi are jointly promoting the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform in hosting and delivery services for mobile apps. Below are screenshots of Mimvi Mobile App Search which the Company expects to release in late November.

    Mimvi is also working with other groups within Microsoft to develop search, discovery, recommendation and social media technologies for applications on a wider range of Microsoft products and platforms. This collaboration we believe will help other developers migrate their solutions to the Microsoft Phone 8 and Windows Azure platforms opening up their applications to run on over 400 million Microsoft desktops and tablets worldwide.

    Mimvi prides itself on being the Largest search index for mobile apps at approximately 6,000,000 also including web apps. Mimvi crawls the mobile internet and includes all kinds of apps within its search index, including Apple's iPhone, iPad, Google's Android, Samsung and Blackberry apps. Mimvi also offers Amazon-like recommendations under each search result they serve.

    Mimvi plans to generate revenue with its search results similar to the way Google generates revenue with its search results, including a unique revenue product offered by Mimvi, called MimviLink. They also seem to working on voice-activated search for mobile apps with the same technology that powers Siri.

    With a Leading Search Platform in terms of the number of searchable apps, Mimvi stands directly in front of a significant revenue opportunity, unless they opt for the same path as their previous competitor, Chomp, which was acquired by Apple.

    Mimvi's ability to operate on all mobile apps no matter the platform makes it an interesting and compelling investment opportunity especially considering that most any mobile app will run on most any device in the near future including RIM (RIMM) Blackberries.

    If MIMV is already on the cutting edge of Mobile Discovery App technology, where will they be in the future. Mobile Smartphones and it's Applications is changing not only our own culture, but is sweeping across the globe to enhance not only one's personal life but is also changing the way we do buisness as well.

    And with MIMVI LINK, the upcoming release of it's Search and Discovery App Engine, and the current development a wide range of Advertising Products to meet the needs of advertisers and publishers alike, MIMVI is a Major player and next Big Boy in this billion dollar Industry. Microsoft is first major partner, with a great potential for a buyout. Unless some one else grabs them first!

    P.S. MIMV is currently in talks with Other " Large " Companies to add to their Resume!

    This is why MIMV will hit dollar land and beyond and start trading on the Nasdaq in less than two years!

    CEO Kasian Franks anticipates $2-3 Dollar PPS which is reasonable based on QUIXEY and CHOMP valuation.
    And according to Franks MIMVI ECHO Technology exceeds both Quixey and Chomp!

    Exciting Times Here and Exciting News ahead!
    Mimvi soon to be released on Android and ios.

    Also expected, Microsoft will rise up from it's silence and proudly confirm it's Partnership to Mimv and silence all Mimv's critics!

    Then it's a chase to an all time pps high!

    Go Mimv$$$

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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