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  • edwarddpeters edwarddpeters Jan 16, 2013 5:01 PM Flag

    Warning to All Shorts

    I'm just going to keep buying Mimvi, and buying more Mimvi, over time, so if you're wondering who is buying, that would be me....

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    • Warning to All Shorts also classic pump and dump slogan. If as you say you are buying more,more, more MIMV then why does the price keep dropping lower,lower,lower?
      down 50% in last 100 days.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • This Is More Than I Can Handle!

        Is it true.

        Is this even possible.

        Has Mimv experienced a temporary pullback!

        In all my years of trading I have never
        heard of such a thing!

        Let me use who I think is comparative Companies
        for examples!
        ( though Mimv has a few more years to go )

        Look at Google.

        I suppose Google is one of those scam Companies.
        I mean it has pulled back almost $36 a share in less than
        two weeks.

        Apple must be a scam too, they have pulled back almost $85
        n less than two months.

        These damn scam companies!

        Wait, isnt Mimv up about 300% since a low of .12, less than
        five months ago.

        Isn't Mimv expecting consistent news to maintain and
        grow it's long support.

        Unless you watch over your stocks like boiling water,
        There is nothing to worry about here!

        But, when there is Company silence, the voice of the skeptic
        always gets louder.

        Weak hands are folding due to speculation over CHAG.
        Mostly from shorts and haters.

        Yoou think I am lying check out ihubs message board!

        Fear and uncertainty set in.
        and that's normally a death wish in pennyland.

        Problem is Mimv is not the typical penny stock.
        How many pennystocks do you know , has Microsoft offer an
        Official Statement of approval, in their Official Company PR.

        Mimv will soon find it's bottom and offer a nice entry point
        for investors!

        But behind the scenes, Mimv continue to press forward to
        bring growth and value to it's self and it's shareholders.

        For example, Mimv new Countdown App.
        Great concept!

        Mimvi Countdown App is described as:

        True discovery begins far before your launch! Pre-launch is the most crucial time for the success of mobile apps. The maze of app discovery is growing larger every day.
        Through our extensive social research, we've noticed that launching new apps is much like a movie premiere.

        In order to be successful on opening weekend, you must have a stellar sneak preview - which is why we are proud to announce Countdown App™, by Mimvi.
        •Offers an app store optimization head start

        •It creates user engagement and social sharing

        •Helps you stay connected

        •Creates a VIP experience for early adopters

        Will we get a PR.
        Who knows, but know this.
        Mimv continues to extend it's reach in the most
        influential and Lucrative Sectors in our lifetime.

        The Mobile Smartphone!

        Let's not be mistaken.

        Mimv is unrecognizable from the Mimv prior to it's Microsoft

        Since then Mimv has given a presentation at the
        Nasdaq Marketsite, Finished it's Advanced Search
        App Engine, Mimv Mobile App being released on
        Microsoft Phone 8 and now Apple, Hired Media
        Veteran Jeff King, Partnered with Entrepreneur
        Media and Mashape, and finally closed it's merger
        with Lone Wolf Inc, for three million less shares
        than originally agreed to.

        Seems like Mimv has put it's Capital Raise to good use!


        Based on the above facts,is Mimv progressing as a Company or regressing?

        The answer is obvious.

        So what makes anyone think they are going to stop now!

        Do people really think Mimv, who has come so far, is going to roll over and play dead!

        Don't think so!

        Wait till Mimv finishes it's broad release of it's
        Advanced Mobile Search and Discovery App Engine.

        And Wait to you hear what Mimv's Jeff King is planning to do in
        promoting Mimv Search App!

        Exciting Times!

        Go Mimv$$$

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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