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  • james.mike97 james.mike97 Jan 17, 2013 3:11 AM Flag

    Mimv, Chag, and Franks! The Truth Makes More Sense!

    The Spin Doctors have been busy!

    All this misrepresentation and flat out fear based nonsense
    running this board!

    I am sure anyone with a buisness degree or someone who has
    owned a company before is literally confounded by the Logic
    or lack of in some of the positions taken on Franks
    new Venture with Chag!

    First off, Chag has nothing to do with Mimv!

    From the PR,

    Quote,Chancellor Group, Inc. (OTCBB: CHAG), announced today the formation of its new technology division, Pimovi Inc., which is developing a proprietary technology platform for pictures, movies and videos.

    Pimovi's primary focus is creating new methods for recording activities, along with editing and assembling such records in a proprietary format, including First Person Video Feeds for sporting and other events that present the different points of views of the athletes and other participants.

    Am I missing something!

    Doesn't Mimv's Buisness Model and Framework operate in Mobile
    App Search and Discovery.

    And it's Revenue Model include Search Services Directed at
    App Developers, Advertisers, Publishers, Host Platforms like
    Microsoft, B2B products!


    Mimvi Link fuses your mobile app with web content to maximize value. This product enables any company or individual with a mobile app to gain greater exposure by having the mobile app matched and displayed with relevant web content. Matching relevant content means more downloads, more engagement, and more profitability.


    Mimvi Echo is a digital marketing solution specifically designed to help new and existing mobile apps enhance market exposure and decrease dependence on app stores. If you have a new mobile app, or simply looking to improve your rankings, Mimvi Echo has the power to make your app more visible, searchable, and discoverable.


    A comprehensive offering for qualified mobile app developers that offers a true partnership into the Mimvi business development ecosystem. The Mimvi Connect program encompasses all the needed components for you, the app developer, to finish or re-launch your mobile app.

    And of course,


    Mimvi's search and recommendation technology got its start in the Human Genome Project at Lawrence Berkeley Labs. There, Mimvi's founder Kasian Franks developed a breakthrough genomic algorithm for gene comparison, the inspiration behind Mimvi Search.

    Yes Franks transferred some of his IP to one of his
    other Companies, how does that affect Mimv.

    Not to mention it's his IP.
    I think if he wants to grow out another Company to be successful
    like Mimv, he is entitled!

    Franks serves as the CSO on more than 5 companies.

    And still look at all he is accomplishing with Mimv!

    You want to spin it and call it part-time go ahead.

    I will take Franks Part-time anyday.

    Between Aquisitions, Major Partnerships, High Profile
    hiring of Jeff Fisher, Completion of Mimv Advanced Search App Engine, New Developer Contracts, Mimv finally producing Revenue.

    Franks is totally committed to see Mimv succeed and will
    not stop till Mimv becomes the next Google in Mobile Search
    and Advertising.

    Here is a novel concept!

    Franks has two Companies, with different focuses and a
    particular Market Reach.

    Different in Concept, Plan, and Revenue model.

    Using Franks Technology.

    Complimenting each other.

    But here is the Kicker.

    Why not build up both, to be Million Dollar Companies.

    Wouldn't that be the plan of a sane buisness man.

    It happens all time in the buisness world.

    Someone can run two different Companies.
    It's not the first time this happened in the corporate world!

    Do people really think he is going to abandon Mimv and flush
    down the toilet years of time and toil!

    If anyone heard Kasian Franks on Paltalk today.
    They would know that Franks is totally committed to see
    Mimv become a Billion dollar company!

    Now, doesn't the TRUTH make more sense!

    Exciting Times!

    Go Mimv$$$

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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