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  • james.mike97 james.mike97 Jan 20, 2013 8:38 PM Flag

    Mimv Questionare Part Two

    Last part of a two part Questionare.

    Again, You may of started a skeptic.

    Finish this Mimv Questionare, you will come out a believer!

    The Integrity of Mimv!

    Question #1 Why would Microsoft's Dan Sandlin openly comment, and which by the way was also an approval for, the Company Mimv, on a Broad Stage audience like an Official PR if Mimv was a scam?

    Since September Mimv has used Microsoft's name and made statements of a Mutual Partnership between both Companys
    in Official PR's and Legal filings.

    Question#2 a.Would not Mimv need permission from Microsoft to
    do so?
    b. Would Microsoft give a so called scam Company that Approval, over and over and over again?

    Bonus Challenge!

    Your Quote:
    " MIMV has a partnership with MSFT - turns out that it is the same "partnership" as hundreds of thousands of other companies have with MSFT " End Quote

    Since Mimv and Microsoft obviously have a Partnership.
    And Partnerships include specific terms and conditions.

    And Partnerships vary in scope and detail so your point
    here is nonsensical.

    But, your claim Mimv is just like all the rest!

    So, out of hundreds of Thousands of Companies, just like Mimv,
    please provide one example of such a Company.

    Surely there is one out of " hundereds of thousands "

    And list there Official PR's and Legal filings that substantiate these " similiar " Mimv claims.

    Let me briefly interrupt the Questionare

    Fortunately for Mimv shareholders, Mimv, is much more than an "App".

    The TRUTH is Mimv is more similiar in Buisness Model to Search Companies like Chomp, who recieved a 50 Million Dollar Buyout.

    Or Quixey, who recently recieved a valuation close to 90 Million

    How about Search Company XYO, who just was just Partnered by
    Nokia, which terms are undisclosed!

    MIMVI is a pure-play mobile technology company. Born out of a R&D 100 award winning biomimetic search engine technology developed by Kasian Franks,
    Mimvi is leading the way with a suite of innovative products for the mobile marketplace.

    Plus Not all " Apps " are equal.

    Mimv's Search and Discovery App Engine is second to none!
    And this was the first Collaborative Project between Mimv and Microsoft.

    Mimv and Microsft's Partnership continues to expand and
    is jointly developing Mimv's Search products and services to
    the App Development and Advertising community.

    In return it gives Microsoft a strong strategic technology partner in the key search and recommendation area
    which will enable it to boost demand for apps on its Windows Phone Store and throughout its Windows Azure ecosystem.

    Folks, Microsoft is trailing in the App race.
    Mimv is a key Partnership in helping to bridge this gap!

    You may continue!

    Partnerships vary in scope and detail.
    Partnership Agreements include specfic terms and conditions.

    #3Do you have access to the details and scope to this Partnership?

    #4How could you know if Mimv's particular Partnership with Microsoft is similiar to " hundreds of thousands of Companies "?

    Again, if there are Hundreds of thousands of them.


    O.k now where up to four Questions and one Challenge!

    Wait, two more!

    Question #5 a+b

    And this should be easy!

    a.Does the dates/events listed below take place prior to Mimv's
    last Financial Filings?
    b.Would you say Mimv has made any progress or any positive changes at all since the date of that filing?

    Mimvi Releases iOS App Discovery Engine to Apple

    Windows Azure Extends Mimvi Search and Recommendation Technology

    Mimvi and Mashape to Offer Mobile App Search API to Developers

    Mimvi Launches Mobile App Search for Windows Phone

    Mimvi Taps Jeff King to Head Product and Operations

    Mimvi, Inc. Presents Windows Phone 8 Mobile App Discovery Engine at NASDAQ MarketSite

    MIMVI, Inc. Press Conference live at NASDAQ MarketSite, Times Square 1pm today

    Mimvi Launches Mimvi ECHO™ to Ignite App Monetization Revolution

    Mimvi Enters Partnership Agreement with Microsoft

    Official End Of Exam.

    If you have a good conversion story, please post.
    I am excited to hear from you.
    Thanks to all that participated!

    Final Remarks!
    Listen up, people!
    Anyone can make claims!

    That doesn't make them true.

    If those claims are repeated, over, and over, and over again,
    that still doesn't make them true.

    If, while making those claims, one uses dramatic and
    accusatory words, like " scam " or " SEC " or " Fraudulent "
    or " misleading ", that still doesn't make those claims tue!

    Reality and Truth is,

    If Mimv was a " scam ",

    Then, Microsoft is in on it!

    Mashape is in on it!

    Entrepreneur Media is in on it!

    The SEC is in on it!
    ( because they never found Mimv guilty of anything )

    All SA, Motley Fool, Apphead Bloggers who write about Mimv. are in on it!
    ( same promoters/bloggers who promote Mimv, promote Google and Apple, maybe Google and Apple are also " scams " )

    Media Veteran Jeff King is in on it!

    Advisors Joe Abrams and Goetz Weber are in on it!
    ( check out there resume )

    Highly regarded CVO Kasian Franks is in on it!

    Because they all seem to support and believe in Mimv!
    They all have put there reputation on the line for Mimv!

    Even R&D Magazine must of been in on this Grand Conspiracy,
    for recognizing the development of Franks Technology in SeeqPod's,
    by naming it the winner of the 2008 R&D 100 Award in Software,
    and The Chicago Tribune was in on it for dubbing it the 'Oscars of Innovation!

    Come on!

    You won't find this kind of resume for TAGG or most any other
    pennystock out there!

    Microsoft never gives Official Statements in Official
    Company PR's for " scam " companies.
    No matter what level management!

    And certainly not give " scam " companies permission to use
    it's Holy name all it's PR's and Legal Filings!

    As Microsoft and it's Legal Team has done for Mimv!

    Also do " scam " companies and it's CVO and Founder, offer to
    dialogue with and openly answer any questions from it's
    shareholders or skeptics alike, in an effort to reassure
    it's base and correct false rumors and misrepresentations that
    has reared it's ugly head.

    Well Kasian Franks did that last week on paltalk!

    He also has given out his email to anyone with questions or concerns they may have.

    Right, some " scam " artist!

    Far from being a " scam " Company, Mimv provides a low risk,
    potential high reward Investment!

    Exciting Times!

    Go Mimv$$$

    Sentiment: Buy

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