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  • james.mike97 james.mike97 Jan 20, 2013 8:39 PM Flag

    Mimv Questionare Part One!

    This designed for those that are skeptical
    of Mimv.

    These questions are designed open the mind of the skeptic, and reveal the Integrity of Kasian Franks and The Integrity of Mimv!

    The promise is once you have finished Part 1 & 2
    you will become a Mimv believer.

    The Integrity of Kasian Franks!

    Shall we begin!

    #1. Does either Chomp, Xyo, or Quixey current Buisness Model or Revenue Plan include " creating new methods for recording activities, along with editing and assembling such records in a proprietary format, including First Person Video Feeds for sporting and other events that present the different points of views of the athletes and other participants. "?

    Which is what Pimovi's Buisness Model will develop around!

    #2. Haven't these Companys found success with in the same framework and Buisness Model that Mimv currently uses?

    So basically, there is nothing stopping Mimv from reaching a similiar valuation like Quixey.
    Is 90 Million Dollars a decent valuation for a Mobile Search Company!
    So by not including video recording and video playing in it's
    current Buisness Plan, would that really affect Mimv!

    #3. Doesn't Franks, who has Ownership of, and a Shareholder
    in Mimv, have a vested interest in whether Mimv fails or

    #4. Isn't it true that Chancellor Group, and Maxwell Grant, Chairman and CEO, first initiated starting an Internet Division
    that spawned Pimovi back in May 2012?

    LOS ANGELES, May 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Chancellor Group, Inc. (OTCBB: CHAG), a Texas-based oil producer, announced today plans to set up an additional division within the company.

    Chancellor Deputy Chairman, Dudley Muth, said today, "We are pleased to announce that at a recent meeting, the Board of Directors of Chancellor Group, Inc. (CHAG) elected to pursue opportunities in the commercial internet business space by establishing an Internet Division within CHAG. The Firm has been presented with some ideas for business within this new Division and has interviewed several people to chair this space, including an individual with internet experience in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

    At some point Franks was interviewed for the role he has now.
    And was consulted, and eventually agreed to his current role of Co-founder and CSO.

    Hence the only 39% stake in the Company.

    #5. Isn't it true although Mimv had the Technology to include entertainment and educational videos of all kinds in it's current Buisness Model, it chose not to, and the Technology was just
    sitting on a shelf, long before Pimovi was concieved?

    #6. Is it true, although Franks was CSO of atleast four Companys
    while running Mimv, Mimv still is accomplished the following:

    Mimvi Releases iOS App Discovery Engine to Apple

    Windows Azure Extends Mimvi Search and Recommendation Technology

    Mimvi and Mashape to Offer Mobile App Search API to Developers

    Mimvi Launches Mobile App Search for Windows Phone

    Mimvi Taps Jeff King to Head Product and Operations

    Mimvi, Inc. Presents Windows Phone 8 Mobile App Discovery Engine at NASDAQ MarketSite

    Mimvi, Inc. and Entrepreneur Media Team Up to Provide Exposure and Support for App Developers

    Mimvi Launches Mimvi ECHO™ to Ignite App Monetization Revolution

    Mimvi Enters Partnership Agreement with Microsoft

    I think we can call that Progress!

    #7. Whether you call that full-time, or part-time, has it really mattered?

    #8. Would franks be breaking ground here by having Ownership in more than one Company.
    Can you please tell how many Companies Richard Branson has Ownership in?

    #9. Did you listen to Franks discuss his Plans for Mimv
    on Paltalk last week?
    Because then you would of known that he is absolutely committed
    to Mimv's Success and Profitability!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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