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  • jjminvesting jjminvesting Feb 4, 2013 3:39 PM Flag

    Mimvi Blog updated February 4th, 2013

    Mimvi Mobile Search Redefines Context

    Mimvi is increasing the power of mobile search and recommendation by redefining “context.” The origin of the word context comes from the term “to weave together.” Mimvi is weaving together web content and mobile devices. Most of the contextual ad serving solutions today rely on tags or keywords to drive recommendations for the user. Traditional ad serving solutions were originally designed to inject pertinent ads driven from keywords that took users to pages on desktops and laptops for both advertisers and publishers. Mobile devices have made it necessary to redefine “contextual” search due to newfound irrelevancy in the old ad models and formats.

    Some of the most recent statistics suggest that approximately 20% of all Internet access is through mobile devices, and it’s projected to grow quickly over the coming years. This makes improved mobile-centric search and contextual ad serving crucial. As with any new channel of technology communication, this convergence has unique obstacles and opportunities. The overall relevancy and effectiveness of the traditional paradigm of search and ad serving is impacted as a result.

    “Device disruption impacts all parties involved from the user, to advertisers and publishers” states Eric Rice, Mimvi’s Chief Revenue Officer. “There are bandages being applied to the problem, but none of them have been solutions until Mimvi.”

    Mimvi’s mobile search and recommendation technology, is redefining the way contextual and relevant results are discovered. Mimvi’s technology addresses the contextual challenges in the mobile space for online publishers and advertisers through its innovative product, MimviLink™. The core idea behind Mimvi’s contextual search and recommendation model is creating complimentary advertisement placements based on the content that a user is viewing, in real time. This is something of tremendous value and new to the marketplace.

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