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  • irishscorpion62 irishscorpion62 Feb 7, 2013 11:51 AM Flag

    Mimvi Blog and answers to shareholder questions

    Doesn't look like Mimvi is interested at this time in updating shareholders on issues decimating the pps as we shareholders were led to believe.

    I find it absolutely shocking that NO official comment has come from Mimvi concerning Frank's affiliation with CHAG. It may not be a factor at all for Mimvi's success but to me it is the number one issue killing stock holder value in this company. Does management care about perception, because the perception is that Franks is now only part-time interested in Mimvi?

    Emails from Franks tells me that he wants me to believe that he is still 100% dedicated to Mimvi but words are cheap while actions speak volumes, and his and Mimvi's actions since the CHAG afiliation became known have been very questionable to me. No company comment on CHAG and no answers to the many questions that were presented to Franks during that Paltalk fiasco in which the audio went out around the time the questions were asked of Franks. Franks gave 2 email addresses for him and said all questions would be answered. Questions such as how many signed contracts do they have and what are the revenue details, the status of the "negotiations" with EM about an article in the magazine or just an online article, the number of App developers working Mimvi, the relationship/partnership with Microsoft and whether they are happy with Mimvi and are prepared to continue working with Mimvi, the release on Apple and Android, Samsung, whether the company has the resources to continue without further dilution and other questions. But Franks nor Mimvi have not answered a single question since that Paltalk fiasco leading me to wonder when, or if, we will get updates to stop the bleeding.

    That said, I still believe in Franks and Mimvi but I do not at all understand the present silence at a time when the bashers and shorts are having a field day exploiting issues I feel Mimvi could clear up with a little action. The idea of the blog changing from a blog to promote what the company offers and talk about the exploding industry of Mobile Apps to a blog updating shareholders on what is happening at Mimvi and answer shareholder's questions has not happened.

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    • They just filed a report to the SEC so maybe they were in some quiet period until now?? Just a thought. I have a position long here that is at about .39 so I would like to see from the company if I should sell or hold long term.

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