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  • james.mike97 james.mike97 Feb 11, 2013 10:31 PM Flag

    New Year Update!

    My response to an almost convert of a short
    basher on ihub!


    What exactly is he right about?

    I would disagree with his main argument that Mimv is a scam.

    The reality is Mimv is a start-up Company, trading on the otc.
    Most of these Companies either fail or flounder for years and
    rarely become Mainstream.

    Heck, one can claim every stock in pennyland are scams.
    And seem like a genius.

    Because of these Companies financial struggles, challenges,
    and lack of progression, in the start-up phase, they are easy pickings.

    And the one crying out scam, usually short, seems like they were right on.

    The main agenda was and always is, for personal gain.
    Not any selfless act of kindness, for the fellow trader.

    Especially since most of the claims were baseless.
    Or some half truths, mixed with fear based speculation and assumptions.

    I wouldn't give too much props.

    From my perspective, Mimv has great potential.
    At any moment, Mimv can recieve that big opportunity, that Partnership, or buyout that will payout nicely for shareholders.

    Why, because the Technology that Mimv uses can be very valuable.
    Certainly, their are Companies out there, who could use Mimv's
    Search capabilities.

    No one really heard of Xyo Search, until they Partnered with Nokia.

    And I am not counting out Microsoft.
    I believe the Parntership is ongoing.

    Whether Mimv has wowed Microsoft is yet to be seen.
    It is obvious the Partnership was based on a, Let's see what you
    can do, kind of Partnership.

    My gut says, Mimv may of missed a Golden Opportunity with

    Or Mimv is just some ways away, from showing Microsoft it's
    real value!

    And that's their biggest error here.
    Or scam, if one has to go there.

    Is presenting there possible future achievements as if they were present reality.

    This is keeping it real.

    But, there is no doubt, that Mimv has been aggressively pursuing
    there buisness plan.

    Obviously Parnterships with Microsoft, Mashape and Entreprenuer
    Media is laying down a good foundation to build on.

    I believe Franks was honest about finally generating Revenue.
    About Developer Contracts.
    When discussing Mimv recently on Paltalk.

    If you are gonna lie about something like that.
    When asked how many Contracts Mimv has, you don't say five.

    I think some, including me, was taken back by that.

    I was hoping for more.

    What is encouraging is Mimv is no scam.
    Or the typical pennystock scam.

    If it was, this PPS, would be at .02.
    Because Management would of liquidated it's shares.

    As well as it's larger investors.

    That is a good sign!

    For the most part, retail shareholders are selling.

    Mostly because Pennyland is news driven.
    And they don't like the silence.
    And the voice of the skeptic is the loudest right now.

    I will be the first to admit.

    Mimv Management, absolutley sucks in regards to Public Relations.
    And it's inability to instill shareholder confidence.

    This Blog thing is atrocious.

    Personally, Franks sounded like a moron on Paltalk.
    That is, when people coud hear him.

    There public speaking abilities are wanting.
    I am sure most saw the Nasdaq Conference!

    But, I like the Company's Buisness Model.
    I see value in it's Search Technology.
    And it's Search Services.

    I see a Market for what Mimv offers.
    I have seen Chomp become Multi-Millionares overnight.

    And Quixey's continued value to increase above 100 Million.

    All that said I would not count Mimv out.
    One thing is certain they know how to get the Markets attention,
    via PR's.

    So once a bottom sets here, Mimv is a sure buy, for profits.

    And it is just plain silly, to think Franks is short and
    leading people on via emails.

    There is no doubt Franks, believes Mimv is going to become
    Mainstream and Profitable.

    And is committed to Mimv's success.

    Whether he has simply convinced himself of this, and is delusional or this will become reality is yet to be seen.

    But, certainly they are in it's best position ever to see some
    real Growth and Revenue.

    And for me, that's good enough for now!

    Sentiment: Hold

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