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  • edwarddpeters edwarddpeters May 29, 2013 9:44 AM Flag

    Mimvi Management Lies

    MIMVI management keeps lying to their shareholders, and it's really starting to #$%$ me off. They claim to be shareholders themselves, I'm starting to wonder if that is even true. It would of been nice to see them get a revenue generating product, maybe say like TrepLabs, before they diluted shareholders even more. They keep screaming to the skies, We've planted our flag, We've turned a corner, Bla Bla Bla, all lies. Don't put any more money into this until they prove themselves, for once.

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    • If you think they are liars then sell! Holly #$%$ why in the world would you own stock in a company that is managed by liars? Starting to #$%$ you off??? I have read posts you have written in the past but seriously do you realize just how stupid this sounds? Maybe if you said "They are liars, so I sold, good luck." I would think you had your head screwed on right. But you sound like a battered wife that says the beatings are starting to #$%$ her off.

      Go away Ed. Sell, good luck to you. And here is a stock tip. Don't by into companies run by liars. And if you do sell it fast and move on.

    • You should sell if you think the pps is headed lower. If you do, then good luck.

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      • I agree with edwardpeters 100%, Mimvi people are liars. We've seen proof of that again and again. And I wish I could sell right away. Unfortunately, I have over 100K @ .33 so I have no choice but to wait and hope one of those lies is big enough to raise the PPS so I can get out. Something like the Microsoft partnership or at least like the NASDAQ conference, it's my only hope at the moment.

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