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  • cbyankows cbyankows Jul 4, 2013 2:58 AM Flag

    Kasian email part 2

    Eventually, we were able to attract a user base of 50 million monthly active users and 250 million monthly searches and, in the worst economic times in U.S. history.
    Around late 2007 this also attracted the attention of Steve Jobs, who viewed us a threat to his iTunes empire. He met with worlds top music labels for many reasons but also to come up with a list of companies that were viewed as a threat to iTunes, the platform that would soon spawn the multi-billion dollar mobile app industry we see today. We were also the first to release an original app with Apple in 2007:
    I got a call from Austin Norohna, head of Sony M&A. He told me they missed the boat in terms of their competition with the iPod vs. the Walkman and that they wanted to work with SeeqPod to take on iTunes. Excellent, we were ready to go to war.
    One morning in January of 2008 as I was sitting in a taxi in New York on my way to meet a few rainmaker attorneys to discuss brokering a $100 million acquisition of SeeqPod, I looked down at my iPhone to check the news and saw this headline in the New York Post "Warner Music Group Sues SeeqPod". This was just a few minutes before our M&A meeting. When we made it to attorney's offices, they said "We saw the headline, looks like you guys have finally arrived!" Um, yes, we had, on a battlefield soon to be based on the worst economic times in U.S. history.
    Warner sued us because you could search and find just about any piece of music on our engine. At the time, Viacom was also preparing to sue Google/YouTube for the same thing.
    EMI sued SeeqPod about a year after, they EMI sued me personally for billions: - They believed each search on our engine was a copyright infringement a fine worth up to $120,000 per search. We had 250 million searches happening per month. Needless to say,

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