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  • storewanderer storewanderer Aug 20, 1998 11:07 PM Flag

    E. Coli/High Price

    E. Coli scare...
    Highest prices of all the
    fast food places.
    Now who is still asking why this
    stock doesn't do good?
    Jack's under a buck menu is
    I expect the JumboJack to go upto 1.09 soon. But I
    must say, the Jumbo Jack at 1.29 would still be a good

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    • Wanderer---

      Good "Big Burger" find. You
      may want to see if it is a renamed Famous Star; if it
      is available at a higher than $0.99 price without
      cheese (which it appears it is), and how much. Not much
      one can do with a burger, but possibly this might be
      a local test of a response to the MCD Big 'n

      If they can break the $0.99 price barrier, which I
      think they may be the most likely first to achieve this
      first, then others might (a big might) be able to inch
      away from their $0.99 dependence.

      If you get
      more info., it might be best to post over at CKR
      instead of here at FM.

    • It is 1/4 lb I believe. It is quite large, with
      onions and ketchup on it. Come to think of it, they
      didn't have it advertised in the windows of their
      restaraunts in Sac. area either. Must be a deal for their 4
      Northern Nevead restaruntts, soon to be 6! Go Carls! I
      found the carls board too!!
      Big Burger+Cheese is
      1.49. The big burger may have gone upto 1.29 here, but
      I don't think so. 99cents is soon history for
      anything substantial.

    • 1) Why are you a "sanitarian"? Is this vs.
      "insanitarian", or do you do plumbing? Is this some type of
      religious creed? Are you a real health inspector using your
      office for economic gain by attacking stocks you are

      2) What evidence do you have that "many of us
      sanitarians will not eat at Jack/s"? Have you done a valid

      3) What evidence do you have that "so
      many Jack Manager's" are against public display of
      inspection results? vs. how many at other fast food

      I can only guess...and this is a guess: you have
      too much time on your hands, you want attention, you
      haven't a clue, you own a competitor's stock, you are
      shorting FM.

      Do your own research. Look in a


    • What are the other competitors doing with their
      entry-level 1/4 lbs. sandwich besides the Whopper for $1.99
      you mentioned? Carl's Famous star($?); Wendy's Double
      Stack ($?); McDonald's Big 'n Tasty ($?) and the other
      promo 1/4 lbs. sandwiches; BKs Whopper Jr.

      Does FM have an alterntive $0.99 item being tested
      (i.e. double burger) in addition to the Jumbo Jack in
      your area?

      Wander around and get some
      intelligence on the competitors. Any ability to break away
      from the $0.99 price in this industry will be good for
      us! Watch Micky D's. You can see them offering $1.59
      to $1.79 prices on many "premium" sandwiches like
      the new BBQ bacon sandwich, their McFlurries. Soon
      we'll see the $1.59 area the NEW discount entry price
      point at all fast food.

    • Rus...

      I can tell you that many of us
      sanitarians will not eat at Jack's; Why???? Becuase we know
      the facts. Question, why are so many Jack Manager's
      against public display of Health Department Inspection
      results? Next time you go to Jack's, ask....and let me

      I can only guess....and this is a guess, they don't
      want the public to see the results. It might bring
      back the "ill-state-of-mind" from the long ago
      breakout! But again, I would challenge you to ask many Jack
      manager to see acopy of their last inspection....and as
      our JITB your own research!

    • <<< I expect the JumboJack to go upto
      1.09 soon. But I must say, the Jumbo Jack at 1.29
      would still be a good deal. >>>

      once, we agree. Give me reduced price competition
      a $1.29 jumbo jack and I will load up on

      Had two jumbos yesterday.

    • There's been a lot of posting related to
      Coli scare of Jack in the Box. But I can't
      agree it has anything to do with
      stock performance,
      other than the
      poster has a different

      First, the E. Coli scare happened so many years
      not too many consumer even remember it
      Even if he does, there're more
      high profile E. Coli
      scare (remember Odwalla?)
      and more recent. Why
      single out Jack in the Box?

      Also, most readers of
      this message board has
      a vested interest in the
      stock price of the
      stock. So whoever praise the
      company has a
      likelyhood he is long on the stock.
      keep recycling the old E. Coli news has a

      good likelihood he is short on the stock, or
      to talk it down so he can buy it on

      Conclusion ? Always takes the posting with a
      grain of
      salt. Any extreme opinion (both positive
      negative) may have a reason behind it.

      While I'm
      long on the stock, I too am disappointed
      by the
      stock performance. I get in because
      I like their
      marketing and their food. No
      doubt they can do better,
      and I think they will.

      So, I will hold my
      stock, wait patiently until
      one day I can redeem my
      investment with a handsome

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