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  • ck__too ck__too Oct 20, 1999 7:55 PM Flag

    Johnboy, need a 2nd job...?

    Jack in the Box is advertising for Mystery

    Jack says: "I need some discreet assistants to check
    out my JACK IN THE BOX Restaurants for me [in the
    Charlotte, NC area]- tell me how they're doing. If you're up
    to having a yummy part-time job that pays you to eat
    free food, give me a call at:

    Or apply on

    "It's a tasty job...But somebody's gotta do it!''--

    Other locations coming to your area:

    West W.T.
    Harris Blvd. @ Statesville in Charlotte
    Hwy 29 @
    Lineberger in Gastonia

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    • Thanks for the reply. Sorry, but I did not get to
      go down to the store at lunch time as I had planned.
      My car was in the shop. When I went to pick it up at
      10:00 am (they said it was ready), the same thing was
      wrong with it so I ended up having to leave it there
      again. I still don't have it back and probably won't get
      it back until late in the day tomorrow. I see JBX
      went up today...nice move from todays lows....Hmmmmmm.
      You got me thinking again. Anyway, my little girl
      asked to go back to Jack in the Box, she likes the
      toys, but loves the hamburgers. God to admit, she has
      good taste. See ya!

    • Thanks for the additional details. Sounds like
      you've identified a serious flaw in customer access to
      the parking lot. JBX execs, are you

      I'm glad you singled out your pleasant experience
      with the drive-thru employee. This typifies the JITB
      experience, IMO, which I began to notice years ago when I was
      considering investing in the company stock. The people
      working the counter and windows at JITB are genuinely
      friendly, and have a sense of pride and satisfaction. It's
      the warmth and feeling you often get from a
      proprietor (someone who has a real stake in the business)
      when they interact with their customers. Also
      professionalism and competence. I don't see this range of
      attitude in many other quick service restaurant employees,
      let alone at sit down restaurants. I don't know how
      JITB motivates their staff, but the managers/execs
      should be commended as well as the employees. One
      annoying, insincere experience with someone who obviously
      doesn't care a wit about you or your order can really be
      a turnoff.

      Hopefully, your Saturday night
      observations of the crew will give way to the kind of
      experience you had at lunchtime. That's pretty much the way
      it always is at the JITB's I visit here in Southern
      California, even when they are slammed.

      Arnie: thanks
      for the OCS recipe!

      ck too: LOL at your
      Madison church story lead in. Strange that JITB won't
      officially comment on the new locations, but you've managed
      to dig them out via the local


    • I'm looking forward to your reports.

      are doing a great service for Jack in the Box, as we
      know they monitor and read comments here. They
      probably think differently, however.

      I would
      encourage you to take names and pass them on via their web
      site comment line. I'm sure the good ones go up the
      ladder, get commented on, then send down either via email
      or FAX to the manager and supervisor for the
      Charlotte area. Good comments, such as the one for the
      Spanish girl, might be very motivating and

    • I paid another visit to the store this afternoon
      12:00 noon to be exact and went thru the drive thru. I
      ordered the kids meal cheese burger for my little girl. I
      got two double cheese burgers (they are going for 99
      cents). Personally so far I think the double
      cheeseburgers are the best thing on the menu, but I have not
      tried everything yet. The day crew was doing a great
      job not at all like the night crew I witnessed
      Saturday night. The girl was very courteous and had a big
      smile as she greeted me (that's important). I'm 54
      years old, so she was not flirting, she just conveyed
      to me (thru you actions and posture) that she liked
      her job and was happy. She was a little spanish girl.
      I was the first person in line to drive up when I
      came, but soon there were three other cars behind me. I
      took a really good look at the way the drive way into
      the parking area is designed and I still feel that
      they really messed up with the design. It only takes
      about 7 cars at the drive thru and the entrance is
      effectively blocked for other people trying to get in and eat
      inside. There were a lot less employees inside or
      appeared to be. I could only see thru the drive thru. They
      looked good as they worked, no panic, and appeared to
      know what they were doing. We have a saying in the
      fast food business, "Don't wait to be told to do
      something, look around and see what needs to be done and do
      it...anticipate". I saw this and was very pleased. The day crew
      looked good. You asked if I thought the concept would
      work in Charlotte. Yes, the product is great and
      cooking to order is always the best because the food
      never tastes as great as it does when it first comes
      off the grill. Having said that, I still have a
      problem with the time factor. I can't see a really heavy
      rush, lunch crowd, waiting that long to get their order
      and have lunch. They don't have that long and as I
      said before, it doesn't take too many cars backing up
      and you end up blocking the driveway entrance. I'm
      going back up their tomorrow for lunch on a Monday and
      I'm going inside and just watch while I have lunch. I
      wish I could be outside as well to see how badly the
      traffic backs up at that entrance, but I'll have the do
      the best I can. I bought 500 shares of CPQ Friday at
      $18 13/16 and feel pretty good about that move. Time
      will tell on both. See ya!

    • Good eyes. And thank you for taking the time to
      tell us all what you experienced. Great

      Let us hope they weed out the extra hires soon and
      get someone on the plane if necessary from San Diego
      tomorrow if they are not there already. They have a month
      and a half before Nugent comes for a look--unless he
      is needed sooner.

      Sounds like in your town
      that JITB can catch on if they do it right. This is
      good. If they do it wrong, the return visit may require
      expensive discounting enticements.

      Would you say
      chaos like this accompanies new businesses in new areas
      with new employees?

      Any sign of discounting
      specific items? 99c for two tacos; 99c double cheese; 99c
      Jumbo Jack; 99c breakfast Jack, etcetera.

      the most important question. Do YOU think this
      concept will work in Charlotte? Does it have

      If you'll report to us the details once a month like
      this I'm tempted to subsidize your meals for a few
      months and send you partial reimbursement via cashiers
      check! Better research than you can find printed

      Email me a photo of the store's exterior and I'll find
      a place to post it online for all to see the
      futuristic exterior they claim is being built.

    • Wrong. I use the drive through. :-) Oreo shakes
      are best when taken home, put in the freezer for an
      hour or two and then eaten with a spoon. Yum! Too bad
      it's time for breakfast instead of lunch or I'd drive
      to my local JITB right now.


    • You underestimate me. Of course I made note of
      how many people were in line at the drive through
      when I drove up. There were five cars in line. The
      parking lot was 1/2 to 3/4 full. Remember a lot of these
      cars belonged to the employees which in my opinion
      were too many at that time. There were approximately
      15-20 people in the dinning room. When you walked
      through the door you immediately backed into a ball of
      people, 12 people maybe, but totally disorganized. There
      is a very big difference between an "S" curve setup
      and an"O" get the picture? If you have a side
      entrance to your business you need an "S" curve to
      organize your people. If you have a direct front entrance
      you can have the 3-4 cash register set up like they
      had. Why? Because people tend to walk into a big lobby
      that can handle a large number of people standing and
      the 3-4 lines are easily recognizable and people get
      in line for them. Of course the side entrance set up
      will work ok, if the lobby is big enough to easily
      distinguish the lines. This one was not. This place is set up
      for a very small crowd, to be handled at a very easy
      pace. The fact that all the burgers are cooked to order
      causes people to order then stand there waiting for 5
      minutes at least to get their order. They don't go sit
      down or move the hell out of the way. Now you tell me
      was there any way of anyone walking into a store with
      a ball of people standing there, to determine which
      ones were already waited on and which ones were not?
      As it turned out 1/4 of the ball had already been
      waited on and were just in the way. You are right about
      one thing. This store is definately set up for take
      out. On another note, I noticed that the store from a
      distance was well lite and the different lights were
      arranged so that the store was very attractive. It really
      stood out and was very inviting. I do not like the
      entrance way it is poorly designed. If you get enough cars
      in the waiting line to the drive thru, then you
      effectively block the drive way into the parking area of the
      restaurant, why they did that is beyond me, somebody must
      have been blind when they reviewed these plans. I have
      a suggestion, give me the store, let me redo the
      lobby, entrance to parking, and selection of personnel,
      and I'll outperform any store within a 10-15 mile
      radius. How about that proposal? The product is great
      make no mistake about that. Execution is terrible.
      Just my humble opinion of course, but just remember
      this store has been open 3 weeks now...these first few
      weeks are the most important in the whole history of
      these existance of this store. Word of mouth will spead
      like wild fire in this town...good or bad. Wish I
      could say more, but I have to fix my kitchen sink, I'm
      in the process of tearing out the whole works, so
      you know I'm busy. See you later and nice talking to

    • Another great report from our honorary JITB
      Mystery Shopper.

      I was a little confused about the
      numbers of customers you were reporting though. You say
      the lobby is poorly designed and can't handle a rush
      of 12-15 people. But how many were actually there
      that night? You said there was a line out the door of
      people who couldn't get in, so that's considerably more,
      right? And did you take note of how the drive-thru lane
      was doing? I believe JITB does most of its business
      via the drive-thru window.

      Also, I know the
      service end of the business is what you focused on, but
      I'm wondering if you had any other impressions of
      whether customers were enjoying their food?

      not happy to hear that your impression was one of
      chaos, poor training and organization. But I am glad to
      focus on the fact that this JITB was being overwhelmed
      by customers. I think most people will tend to
      forgive a poor first experience under these conditions.
      Crowds of fellow customers clamoring for a new product
      or service generates excitement and good word of
      mouth, and reinforces to those present that they are
      standing in line for something special and worth having.
      Sure, some will take away bad experiences, but I'd bet
      most will be telling their friends "I was at the new
      JITB last night, and it was PACKED. They couldn't even
      handle all the customers!" Even if they go on to
      emphasize what an ordeal it had been, listeners will
      remember the part about it being packed. Humans are
      attracted to popular things.

      I'll never forget when
      the Dairy Queen opened in my sleepy hometown about 15
      years ago. It was the first resurrected in Southern
      California, I believe, since the tired chain had abandoned
      the area in the 1970's. It was a tiny storefront in
      my beachtown's downtown area, and the lines were out
      the door for a block every night for weeks. The funny
      part was that the ice cream I tried was terrible--just
      your basic run-of-the-mill ice milk stuff (I never
      tried the food). But there was an air of excitement I
      had not seen at any new business opening in recent
      memory. I guess nostaligia brought a lot of 30-somethings
      in too. I for one never went back. If JITB can
      overcome its initial rough edges, the quality food will be
      what people remember and return for.

      An Oreo
      Cookie Shake is worth standing in line for, right


    • until she could calm down. All of this during a
      rush mind you. I saw a man eating inside, get shorted
      two orders of fries. The same girl that had been
      holding her head, gave him one order. Then promply
      announced to the manager that there were no more fries on.
      So the guy stood there while more fries cooked. She
      then finally give him his second order and shorted the
      actual package (only 7-8 fries in the pack). He looked
      at it, shook his head and turned around and left.
      The look on his face told it all as well as the look
      of wonderment on other peoples faces when they
      finally got in the door and tried to figure out where to
      get in line at. Pitiful such poor execution and
      organization. For me it was like watching someone take a
      beautiful racing engine and poor gas down the oil spout.
      The double cheese burger I ordered later was one of
      the best I have ever eaten and the shake was great
      too. If this store does not make it's numbers here at
      this location, it will not be because of the lack of
      customers or the product, Poor organization, training,
      execution, and layout will be the killer at this store.

    • .It is now 8:20 P.m. EST-Saturday night. I just
      walked in the door from having supper at the new Jack in
      the Box off Arrowood Rd. here in Charlotte, NC. I
      agree with your philosophy of neighborhood location.
      That is not where they located. They located beside
      one hotel and across the street from another hotel,
      all of it beside Interstate 77, very close to Nations
      Ford Rd. I wish you had of been with me tonight.
      First, since when did spending less time and money on
      training and recruitment ever helped the bottom line? You
      will not have a bottom line if you don't train
      effectively and recruit the best you can get. I agree about
      treatment of the employees but I also know from experience
      that you have to earn respect in the food business by
      demonstrating a cool head under pressure and being organized as
      well as knowing how to interact with your employees,
      as well as the placement of employees in a rush.
      What I saw tonight was total chaos....I mean total
      chaos. (1) Too many employees, (2) 90% were not all and it showed...badly. (3) service was really
      bad because nobody was organized. (4) Store was not
      designed well at all--the front lobby where you go to
      place your orders is way to small to handle even a
      small rush of 12-15 people. God help them if they get a
      rush like I used to handle with 75 people or more in
      the front lobby. (5) and this is the biggie..there
      were three cash registers way too close together with
      no isle separators so people were just piled up in
      one big ball breaking in front of each other and
      people backed out the door not even able to get in the
      door because of the lack of organization. The night
      manager was almost running in circles. One employee was
      walking around holding her head just walking back and
      forth doing nothing but getting in the way. One girl
      taking orders got so mad she closed her register, and
      walked clean out of the building and stood out side

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