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  • perryao perryao Oct 27, 1999 1:24 PM Flag

    Why is this stock down? eom


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    • whoops.

      Hope so...

      GO JBX

    • More Sellers than Buyers. Any more questions Perry?

    • I thought I saw a triple bottom a while back,
      with the lows set at $23. I also thought the breakout
      above $26 was a good sign, but it wasn't on heavy
      volume, so I guess it could be termed a "false breakout".
      Then again, I'm only an amateur at technical analysis.
      Can anyone else comment on the technical action?

      In the past couple of months, we've dipped a little
      lower then $23 intraday, but we've always managed to
      close at or slightly above $23 so far during this
      slump. Let's hope we can do so again today.

      know it's frustrating and difficult to explain, but
      it's not like we haven't seen this before with JITB.
      Also, many good stocks are off significantly from their
      recent highs, most even more than JITB, believe it or


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      • The saying goes that the good stocks are the last
        ones down in a pullback and the first ones up in an
        You know my views on FM's support as I've
        mentioned them previously. Volume on the downside has been
        higher than on the upside - not a good sign. I think the
        stock is vulnerable.


      • I discovered the first JITB/Texaco combination
        unit the other day while driving through the Palm
        Springs area. It is located off Dillon Road, near Indio.
        It just opened, and the manager said it is the first
        in California. I heard of these concept combination
        units being tested in Texas a couple of years back, but
        JITB never went out of their way to give specific
        information on their performance that I can recall. My guess
        is that JITB didn't trumpet the opening here in
        California because it is still considered a test

        Anyway, it was a bright and shiny unit, V-shaped and
        connected, but with JITB on the left and the gas station
        convenience store on the right. It had about a dozen gas
        pumps and was on a spacious corner lot. Inside, the
        JITB wasn't as large as some of their newer
        restaurants, but seemed to be about the size of the smaller,
        original "box" styles of the past.

        While they are
        about a long block away from I-10 and the huge
        truckstop restaurant & gas complex located right off that
        freeway, they are still visible. I wondered about this
        location, since there are at least 2 other new locations in
        the Palm Springs area (Coachella Valley) that are
        right next to the I-10. This JITB/Texaco is next to a
        smaller highway that splits from the I-10 a mile north
        and heads down to the Salton Sea. On the other side
        of them is the main entrance to the Spotlight Indian
        Casino, with good traffic flow.

        I ordered
        breakfast there a 7am, and a few cars came through the
        drive-thru while I waited for my food. I stopped by again
        for a late lunch (3 pm), and again there were a few
        cars going through the drive-thru and 2 other
        customers eating in the lobby. I like to see JITB
        restaurants staying busy throughout the day, in between
        regular meal hours.

        Service was great, food was
        excellent of course, all up to Jack's standards. The
        manager I spoke with said that they had been open about a
        month and that they were meeting projections.

        did notice that gas was expensive, and I saw
        offbrands being sold locally there for 20 cents
        less/gallon. But then again, I've always avoided Texaco
        because it is usually more expensive. (I didn't have time
        to check the gas prices at the truck stop closer to
        the I-10) There were a few other cars at the pumps
        while I was getting gas. The staff inside the
        convenience store were bright and cheery, like their JITB

        Bottom line, good marks all around.


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