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  • b_fr_nk b_fr_nk Dec 11, 2012 9:37 AM Flag

    Interesting melt up in the markets Commandor...

    ...what's your take? Continued low volume melt up on less than stellar macro news? Phishy?

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    • I sold some: CCRN, CY and MU today-consistent with my view that we are much closer to a short-term top, than starting another leg up.

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      • For just about all of 2012, liquidity in stocks, options, commodities, ForX, are down substancially vs 2011. There is thinking that Dodd/Frank and other legislation are catalysts for this shrinking liquidity. That being the case, it begs the question, with much lower liquidity will that lead to much lower stock prices over time as:

        1)Less money is in the market
        2)Less liquidity, in general, always has led to liquidity discounts

        I'm getting to be a believer. So, what will increase liquidity or decrease liquidity? Clearly the "leadership" out of Washington is decreasing liquidity. Also, falling earnings estimates will decrease liquidity. For now, all I can see for an increase in liquidity would be "greed". But there just isn't any reason to get greedy. So, for me, any moves higher in the market will be met by taking gains-until a point when stocks get "stupid cheap" and/or earnings estimates start going up.

        In a nutshell, volume precedes price. Until volume is consistently higher by 20% y/y and/or there is a selling climax with huge volume-I'm a net seller. I'm concerned, I could be a net seller until the 2ndH of 2013.

      • You holding your ktcc still? The sector does seem to be heating up a bit with takeover activity...

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