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  • kruporama kruporama Oct 24, 2012 9:48 AM Flag

    Why is this company such a disaster?

    I have been thinking the same thing. The stock can't hold water right now and I don't see any news that warrants this continous drop in price. For example, the stock opened up around .10 and now it is down .07 and counting. I get that TS Debbie hurt earnings but I figured that was already priced in. The stock is a mystery to say the least or maybe people know something we don't.

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    • TTI is being sold because its performed so poorly. Tax loss selling & year end window dressing.

      Insiders, best I can tell, are restricted right now. Otherwise, I would hope they would be buying more.

      I 3rd buy today at $5.59. I was waiting for $5.51 and decided to pay up.

      My prior buys are at $6.26 and $6.01.

      Really cant rule out this one trading down to $5 by year end. I will probably buy more if it does.

      Im looking at this as a several year hold. In the long run, I think it will go back up.

      But, I know very little about the company or its business. Mainly going off the insider buying.

      My hope is that when insiders are no longer restricted, they will be buyers again and the stock could get a little move by that.

      But, a double or triple is going to take some time.

    • I've been baffled as well. I'd point out that one part of their business is manufacture of Calcium Chloride from waste stream acid and calcium carbonate. Neither costs very much, a major cost therefor is the gas used for heating -- distillation. Gas prices are down for over a year, but I suspect that they average their purchase contracts over time. I haven't heard of the product prices declining much, I'd thought that they should be making more, not less.

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