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  • radicimo radicimo Feb 17, 2006 4:28 PM Flag


    Does anyone know if this normally pins to nearest strike price like that on option expiry?

    Good news is we get 1.5 days of Oslo sanity before this trades in the USA again. Hope our friends in Norway are feeling bullish in the Arcegy. I sure am.

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    • Interesting post.... You can do a little research if you care -- anecdotal evidence you might pick up here is pretty much worthless.... I happened to own some Feb. 12.5's, and I watched the tape even more closely than usual, including a 4:00 "print" of 12.50 on the button, up a nickel from the prior print, where 99.9% of the movements during the day were 0 cents or 1 cent.

      Of course, when someone in the After Hours market (around 4:17 if memory serves) put 500 shares through at 12.55, I was VAGUELY tempted to try to make the 4:30 deadline.

      My instincts are that there was too little REAL money to make manipulation really worth it, hence likely, but I could be wrong. Obviously, the stock had a pretty bumpy week or 2 and the fact that it started the day within a dime of 12.50 may (I suppose) have made a little game-playing more likely as a result.... I also own some 12.50's in a future month, so I hope either this is something like coincidence or we're nearer 15 or 17.5 when their e-date rolls around.