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  • tonywestsider tonywestsider Dec 16, 2010 2:38 AM Flag

    the end is near

    Why is it that every other post concerning this small pile winds up "praising" EVSP with such faint damnation?

    The last time this company posted financials (which are supposedly being restated), it had something like $24,000 in cash and $8.8 MILLION in liabilities, some bearing 10% interest. The bank "overdraft" was more than twice the cash (presumably in another account). In some states, merely writing a bank overdraft is a misdemeanor.

    That last balance sheet was 9/30/2009. The company's losses since are probably -- what -- another $1.5 million. Who knows? They won't say or they can't say.

    At this point, buying this stock is almost like betting on how many times some mighty old fellow on his death bed is going to snort before he dies.

    And anyone loaning this company money? Get out of here!

    And why even do it? Ed says he got $200 million already "closed" -- five weeks ago. Right? R-i-g-h-t.

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    • tony

      how much have you loaned evsp?

      how much stock do you have?

      validate your opinions with some facts please

      put you money where your mouth is...
      no wait that might be messy huh

      seriously let's hear some facts man.

      it's not that we disagree with you completely i think.

      give us some information so we can have a better understanding.

      • 1 Reply to studiojimi
      • "seriously let's hear some facts man"

        I point to some of the KEY OBJECTIVE FACTS about this company, and you want some personal information.

        I will divulge NOTHING other than to point to the objective facts about this company.

        You need to stick to the RELEVANT FACTS, like asking what EVSP's balance sheet will look like if they ever report it again.

        Or would you rather focus on anything and everything else? Rake in a few more dupes?

    • Lets reverse the question why are you on here bashing the company ?

      If you personally have a valid reason im sure people would like too here it

      • 1 Reply to jsanto8
      • Look folks, everyone should be bashing this company! I knew there ex CFO / (one of the founders), and he was as slimy as Ed. These guys, whether by choice or other factors, have taken money and will not or cannot pay it back. I have personally lost 75k which was loaned to them 3 years ago. Don't think for a minute that they will come through. I have been waiting for payout since, and I am not holding my breath anymore. Crooks, con-artists, liars...

        I will bash this company until I am paid back. I encourage everyone who has lost money, to take action against EVSP. Ed should be pushed into bankruptcy both with this corporation and personal.

        Otherwise, have a nice day... :-)

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