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  • bemmuh bemmuh Nov 29, 2005 8:15 PM Flag


    Anybody know the status of this drug? I thought it was suppose to win regulatory approval sometime this year?

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    • Hello all - I took the Plan to my advisor & they recommended that I get as much of the stock as possible & also maximize the interest free loan. My advisory firm is a smaller one & I've agreed to pay them a 1.5% fee on the annual size of my portfolio. They appeared to be very excited, along with me, as to the prospects for future growth.

    • I completely agree with you.

      What amazes me is that it's the 'Employee Stock Purchase Plan' thread that's taken the board by storm. The Employee Stock Purchase Plan? Like you say, it's all good.

    • I really appreciate everyones discussion on this topic, I to think it is good once in a while to express thoughts and ideas.
      baby.....I'm glad you have participated in every offering and I sincerely hope you continue to make lots and lots of money.
      Min.....I appreciate your input and I hope it all works out for you as well.
      Tag.....I think we can both agree that we disagree. I wish you could have contributed more to the discussion.
      Anyway for the rest of you it would be interesting if you took the Employee Stock Purchase Plan that Sanofi-Aventis is offering to a couple of financial advisors where you live at and let them look it over and see what they have to say about it.
      Take care all........

    • I can give a good reason why the plan is a good deal for the employees....
      I've participated in every offering for almost 10 years & I have a tidy profit in each one of the company's plans through (threw) to this one. Lets keep our fingers crossed & hope that thi sone is the same (NOT). In five years, it will be at $200. So if this plan isn't good --- Then do tell, ehat investment are the advisors recommending? How much commission are they making on it...I know how much they are making on this employee plan. ;-)

    • I'm thinking any discussion on this board is a good thing. The #3 Pharma company in the world has a Yahoo baord that needed life support. As far as cheerleading, if you were referring to me, I was pointing out some of what I thought was good for the share price. While I care about the employees, you are 100% right about what their ultimate job is- increase share value. I could care less whether they opt to partake, except with respect to the affect the accumulation of shares has on price.

      I still assert that its not a bad deal really. Shares are accumulated at a 20% cushion, say at $32 at today's value. It's been almost two years since we've seen those levels. The "escape hatch" provisions are also quite lengthy- even the birth of a child or the purchase of a home allows one to sell and exit, among other situations. And within the plan, no one perso's holding is significant enough to wipe someone out should SNY plummet. If employees feel differently, they can decide to invest elsewhere.

    • tag,

      I have no idea what your talking about, I never said half the things you claim I said.
      I think you better go back a page and re-read my last post before you start making untrue statements.

    • Looks as though we have a few cheerleader's in here today, that is good.
      But non of you have yet convinced me that the Employee Stock Purchase Plan that Sanofi-Aventis is offering is a good deal for the employee's>

      Let me first say based on the conversations I've had with the five different financial planners that none of them condemed Sanofi-Aventis as a company or their stock, as a matter of fact the majority of them were very positive about the companys future.
      It was the "employee stock purchase plan" is what they had a problem with ......and they said it was not a good deal for the employee, due that you had to hold it for 5 years.
      Ok......once again....everyone repeat after me.....the "employee stock purchase plan" is what the advisor's had a problem with not Sanofi_Aventis stock or the company.
      Now that you understand....
      They also said it didn't matter what company (even if it was Google which their stock has been on a tear) was offering this type of plan, it would still not a good deal for the employee.

      sounds like a good way to see which 'employees' are not focused on the company's future but more on their own short term.
      ..........that is why the company gives the stock to the upper management in order for them to stay focus, otherwise without a vested interested they would loose interest in the companys future......after all what upper management is really working for is the bonus payout. I take it you consider 5 years short term.

      I have talked with five different financial planners............and how well have they done for their clients? maybe they should do a little research and see that SNY is all about growth,, and they are offering employees (team players) a gift of a lifetime.
      .........I don't know how well they have done for their clients however the majority have been doing this for over 20 years
      and their still in business.
      ........SNY is all about growth? Not sure what you mean by that statement, other then about a year ago when Sanofi_Aventis stock came out around $36 a share and today it trades around $41 a share. If this is all about growth then I must be missing something.

      I bet the majority of the employees between those levels wouldn't participate either.......... i sure hope you are right, they are an employee rather than a ceo for a reason.
      ........CEO's are not gods, although you might think they are. In my opinion everyone from the CEO to the Janitor has a job to do in the company> and that job is to create shareholder value, plan and simple ( it's all about the shareholders).
      I hate to burst you bubble but the people on the bottom are no different then the people at the top when it come to incentives. Now I'm not saying that the people on the bottom deserve the same as the people on the top. What I am saying is that all people who work for a company should have a vested interest in the company. Not only what their offering is a bad deal, but what their offering is not what everyone in the company can afford anyway.

      It is being offered at 20% disocunt to market. And there are loopholes in the plan where you can sell it at any time. For instance, you can sell it at a change of life event (sinmilar to provision allowing changes in benefits outside of open enrollment). Another even is purchasing a home.
      ..........I agree with you on the part the stock being offered at a 20% discount to market is good. But the bad part about it is you have to hold it for 5 years.
      Again......repeat after have to hold it for 5 years or 60 months or 260 weeks or 1,825 days or 10,400 hours do I need to draw you a picture?
      ........And the loopholes you refering to.....I don't think they would consider a life changing event if the stock starts to tank.

      Can anyone in here give me good reason why you think this Employee Stock Purchase Plan is a good deal for the employee's ?

    • A Bad deal foor employee?

      Lets see 20% discount
      Installment purchase over 12 months
      Accomplia on the Horizon
      Strong Pipeline

      I have to disagree with your assesment on a bad deal. Maybe not as good as being given options or shares but calling it a bad deal i disagree 110%

      This is a good deal, even with the holding peroid.

    • the last i heard, Mar-Apr '06.

    • Data and analysis of side effects, on the use of Accomplia thats required by the FDA, is an on going process. Most views on regulatory approval put the date in April 2006.

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