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  • goutah3006 goutah3006 Nov 27, 2011 5:27 PM Flag

    Sony TV Problem

    I'm not a Sony shareholder, but I own what used to be a very nice Sony TV. Bear in mind that TV is what made Sony a household word in America starting in the early 1970s with the introduction of the Sony Trinitron.

    My TV, a 60-inch KDS-60A3000, is the last SXRD rear-projection model made by Sony. I bought it in the spring of 2008 expecting to get many years of use out of it. Production had already ended for this model, and I managed to get what was probably the last one available at a Circuit City store in my state (before Circuit City went bankrupt).

    SXRD was Sony's trade name for LCoS (liquid crystal on silicon) technology. LCoS was the best big-screen TV technology that was ever mass produced. Unfortunately, LCoS was a very difficult technology to manufacture with high yields, and turned out not to be economically viable. But the picture quality produced by a good LCoS TV that's been properly calibrated is phenomenal and truly film-like. It beats plasma, LCD, and DLP, though all of these technologies have improved a lot in recent years and are now within striking distance of LCoS.

    The other day, I noticed a green blob in one corner of the screen. A few days later I noticed a much larger (albeit fainter) green blob on the right side of the screen. I had read about the notorious "green blob", but had also read that this was supposed to only affect early SXRD models. Supposedly, Sony got the problem under control. But apparently they didn't.

    A few years back, consumers launched a class-action lawsuit against Sony, with the result that Sony was forced to extend the warranty on the affected TVs until late 2009.

    I'm a couple of years past the warranty extension. But I find it disappointing that I've only gotten three and a half years of use out of this TV. Sony used to have a reputation for making TVs that lasted forever.

    I'm going to contact Sony customer service. I'll keep you posted as to what happens.

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