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  • cbmlb2002 cbmlb2002 Mar 16, 2010 2:59 PM Flag

    Dump shares to .50!

    Common...I'm waiting to buy big shares...

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    • where is all the drivel? from either side?

    • you a so full of it. you are assigned to this MB by your boss.

      There is no way anyone would invest 100K in a Company like this and brag about it. you are now down 40K; and you claim you want to buy more. This tells anyone with a 1/2 a brain: are a fool; are full of it work for the "intelligent investor report" which sent out mailers to invest in this co. back in Feb. (right about the time it reached the high and started to come down).

      let me ask you this. Are you going to be on the -MSEH- message board also? Wait, would you look at that, MSEH, hit an all time high. I wonder what's going to happen now?

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      • I'm not in MSEH board but I will follow it up since you mentioned...I have faith on this stock even I'm losing $$$ in short term...I keep it with no fear as I invested 65k shares in GTE at ~@1.6 anb sold @5 in 6 months period (at $1 level, they called me a 'stupid' man). I like to do bottom fishing which returns a great gain (ofcourse, it's riskiest investment).
        The most wealthy investors advised: "You want to be rich? You mut take risk"