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  • cbmlb2002 cbmlb2002 Mar 18, 2010 2:46 PM Flag

    Patience is a key of success

    Advised from wealthy investors!
    GO NXTH! target $3 within 6 months

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    • Well put. Burned once by this P&D... which goes up and down on no news except scare headlines. Will wait for real financials before betting another dime.

    • I sold based on dd when I saw that the price in stores in ridiculous. Dagostinos in NY price $9.29 for 50 ct box. Imo, it does not have a great advantage over stevia products.

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      • Can't answer for other parts of the country, but SUSTA sells for 7.99 here in Phoenix. Truvia @ 4.69 with promo usually at 5.15. Stevia Sweet Leaf 5.69 with promo usually at 5.99. Stevia In The Raw 3.79 with .50 coupon. Normally at 4.30. Of the four I just mentioned Susta was the only one with vitamins. Vitamin C, B6, Folic Acid, B12, Biotin, Niacin. Selenium and Chromium. Susta and Stevia Sweet Leaf had 1g of fiber. The other two none.

        Taste test:

        Susta: Sugar like in texture and flavor. Minimal after taste

        Truvi: Sugar like. No after taste

        Stevia In The Raw: Strong chemical like taste. Strong after taste

        Stevia Sweet Leaf: strong taste, strong disagreeable after taste.

        Over all Truvia and Susta tasted the best.

        I thought Susta and Truvia tasted the best. In The Raw and Sweet Leaf had strong tastes that lingered long after ingesting. Did not like either of these.

        Pricing was high on Susta. Truvia was middle and Steveia In The Raw the cheapest. Value nod goes to Susta with taste and vitamin content.

        It was clear to me that the marketing of Susta is lagging in store. All the other brands had some kind of promo for their products. Susta was just on the shelf. Packaging was best in Susta and Truvi. In The Raw and Sweet Leaf were basic boxes and marking.

        If Susta expects to grow they need to grow their product offerings and in store marketing materials. Both take money. The product is tasty, but pricing appears to be a draw back, but they do offer more value in their product.

        I hope this little evaluation helps. I am long NXTH.

    • No, investing in a good company at a good price is the key to success and you won't find either here. Look for this thing to be a few pennies in a few months or more likely in a couple weeks after they have to release their 10K yearly and fourth quarter report and I think if theres any true believers in this thing left, they will be devastated at what they see. They will be exposed.