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  • buyandwin buyandwin Apr 25, 2012 4:52 PM Flag

    Almost All By Myself

    Almost nobody to disturb me while I build my position in AMID. Pretty much the same way it was 8 years ago when I started buying my MWP & later my MWE position.

    I believe management can build AMID from the current tiny base of $200 M to $500 M or $1 Billion market cap in the next few years. That would be a 2.5 or 5 X increase in value.
    Right now just about everything in the Nat Gas business leaves much to be desired. Prices will firm up in time and the growth will unfold.
    Dan Campbell, the new CFO of AMID helped MWE grow to where it is today, and now will help AMID grow in the future
    Good luck to Dan, AMID and us

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    • buyandwin,

      Do you remember who it was the convinced you to buy MWP over MWE initially...

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      • Hi RRB:

        I have always been appreciative of the time you spent explaining to me the merits of MLPS and the benefits of owning MWP instead of MWE. You taught and I tried to listen and learn.

        Thanks again for all the help you gave me.

        I'm still looking to learn-What is your opinion on AMID? I think it is very small, and there could be explosive growth here in time. I believe top management is looking to build something here and thats why they brought in Dan Campbell as CFO from MWE. He did an incredible job behind the MWE scenes and should help these people grow. Any thoughts on the subject?


    • B&W,
      I see AMID reports that Flower, listed as

      You're not completely alone.

      Campbell is about a decade younger than existing
      VP of finance and the rest of top management--any thoughts on the possibility of his eventual accession to CEO?

      I think I see lots of debt/share issuance to reflect acquisitions, hopefully at prices lower than being paid by the larger MLPs.


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      • Iner-

        Finance people are generally a bit younger that the rest of management. The money side today has developed very differently because of computer models and the way information is so easily spread.

        They also tend to not become the CEO. The reason here is they are dealing with $$ with is universal to all businesses, but they genrally are not negotiating contracts and the industry nitty gritty of the oil and gas industry.

        As with others I await the CCall and will listen to their plans. The new CFO can probably reduce the cost of capital for AMID, but ultimately it will be their asset mix and contracts that make or break it for them.

        You make a comment about lower debt costs. That simply is not likely because the fact is debt costs are a factor of the risk (S&P/Moodys/Fitch) rating and the time duration of the debt. Thus a company that is likely to be rated "B" will pay more for debt than one rated higher.


      • Iner:

        >>>Campbell is about a decade younger than existing
        VP of finance and the rest of top management--any thoughts on the possibility of his eventual accession to CEO?<<<

        I read somewhere that Flower was leaving.

        From what I know of Dan Campbell-He is a very bright young man that grew up step by step under the guidance of excellent managment helping MWE grow 8 to 10 fold in the last few years. I go back 8 years when MWP (the GP) had a market cap of about $140M and used to trade a few hundred shares a day, on busy days. Campbell came along about 6 years ago amd step by step he got promotions and helped MWE grow and it appears he had to step away to go further. Nancy Beuse is a financial genius and much too young to retire.

        I'm sure his age vs the top guys factored into his decision to go to AMID. Of course a handsome salary-Excellent bonus incentive- and receiving 10,000 phantom units in a company with only 4.5M units.

        I don't know who looked for who- but it appears that from his background history at MWE they wanted him as much as he wanted them --or more.

        The opportunity in this tiny company, is here for him to produce. The company being so small means to me that it won't take much to move the needle for him as CFO or for us as investors.


    • Dear Buy and Win, I got a feeling that not only your not alone here ;that a good share of private MPL's investors that you know about have starter positions here.
      I do think about what a hurricane would do to the last purchase. I have a small position now and will pick up some more units on summer dips. I feel your posting about Mr. Campbell is right on.

    • distribution announced
      no bump.remains at 1.73 per year.
      the issue is this as i see this mlp.
      i only know campbell from mwe in their management.
      assets ok but not overly impressive.
      do i take a chance here or add to ngls.
      with ngls i know what i have.
      will this be another mwe who knows.
      awwwwwwwwwwww what the heck ill add to ngls and open a position here.
      good investing to us all

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      • Dreiser-

        The assets are good but not great. The Burns plant buy was a steal. The problem with AMID is what is going to happen when they go to the equity market and when the borrow later this year (June?). Their stated strategy is to expand with existing customers and acquire small assets that larger MLPs are not interested in. Great idea but within a year or two how will that work w/o an overall plan. New CFO is great and leaned a lot under Buese and MWE, but the credit strength of both the MLP and the GP are weak. Rising credit rates would make things difficult.

        FWIW, I bought some at about the IPO time and added a small amount since. Would think later this year we will get another opportunity.


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