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  • rpoole5552 rpoole5552 Jun 11, 2009 12:52 PM Flag

    Granny Stock

    This granny stock is kicking A$$! It's beating all the growth stocks in my portfolio and what a sweet dividend! I predict it will be $40 by the end of august.

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    • aramabonda,

      Bold move predicting 40 heading into the earnings announcments. Through thick and thin CTL has held steady after it nosedived last year at 40 when the merger announcment.

      First target we like to see is 35. (If it goes <30, will buy more shares.)

      I still haven't figured out why CTL steady upmove...maybe because now the analysts see this merger as a good for both companies.

      There have been very few mega buyouts/mergers since this last October financial crises. Merger still going on tells you the staying power of CTL.

      I owned CTL many times in the past, as far back as 1993. Never sold for a loss - smart management!

    • in your dreams

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      • Looks like a little sell off at the open as predicted. I think the shorts are sweating. Basically only reflects the 70 div.

        Thunder if you are short you better cover now!!!!!!!. If this starts to tick up. You are going to get squeezed hard.

        The chumps always sell off on the open on xdiv.

        I'm looking at 31 limit buy. Take a look at the 1yr chart this thing is too predictable. The 50 is going to cross the 200. The shorts will panic if this does not start dropping quickly in a couple of day's tops. Check the short interest. I feel your pain if this bumps up to 33 in the next couple days. Again if not at 31 by 2:30 I will start to accumulate anyway. Two weak predict $36.

        Longs stay strong.

      • "in your dreams"

        Gee, another real intelligent post.
        These people live and breed amoung us!!!!!!

    • This stock could pop even more. The short interest in the stock is amazing and increasing? I'm sure the shorts are praying this stock drops like a rock after xdiv. If the price does not drop below $31 yes $31 the shorts will get really squeezed and panic and start to cover.

      Longs don't let them scare you off even if the early trades are down a buck or more. I hope the price is down early if the price drops anything more then the div I will be buying right into it.

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