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  • rebeldoe rebeldoe Sep 14, 2010 4:17 PM Flag

    who thinks CTL is in dieing business

    Who thinks that newtsdog knows how to spell dying.

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    • Wow rebeldoe, you are one smart 7th grader. I don't see what that has to do with anything. We are all impressed and proud that you are able to spell dying correct but,what does it matter? I'm guessing that you haven't taken any economics classes yet or you would have some input other than spelling or grammer corrections. You are the best speller on this planet so, take an economics class or two so, you can write something usefull on here rather than being critical of the spelling of things. I bet newtsdog has already made his fortune playing the market and you are still working on getting your diploma and a new bicycle so,save it for your teacher at school. I'm sure she will also be impressed that your ready for the next spelling bee. I didn't spell check any of this so, you can point out my short comings to if you want. Grow up!

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      • Thin skin along with an inability to spell. What a cmbo. A good investor pays attention to the details. All of them. Spelling or the inability to spell tells me all I need to know about a thin-skinned jerk like you. By the way I've got 3000 shares of CTL. How about you? Mr. Investor.

      • Ok You should have used the word correctly instead of correct but I am aware that you don't care so I'll let it go. I have,by the way made my fortune and have been retired since I was 52.So you can take your 7th grade bicycle stuff and use it on the next person you want to attack. You voted for obama didn't you? That would explain the anger. That or your economics courses didn't pay off for you.

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