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  • joetong419 joetong419 Feb 18, 2011 4:29 PM Flag

    SELL!!! SELL!!!

    You have an assumption if CTL goes to 35, it will bounce back to 45.

    Back in the 90s, CTL went from 40+ to the 20s.

    It can happen again.

    CTL back in the 80s and 90s routinely split 3:2.

    If divvy reduced or go back to <2%, for some kind of reason such as the business model changed, selling continues.

    Percentage of landline phones reduced while cell and smartphones on the rise. Technology might be CTL's undoing.

    Swallowing a whale in Q is not easy.

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    • Q can and probably will save money by laying people off. That is what they used to do. I have personal experience with it. Also, when CTL merges with Q, many people will probably quit Q so they don't have to move to Louisiana where I believe CTL's headquarters is. Q, and telecom in general, is layoff, career ending, city.

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      • investurd,

        You are such a Dumbus Assus!!!

        Do you realy think that there will be 28,343 transfers to Louisiana when the merger is complete?

        Who do you think will maintain the lines and sytems in states other than Louisiana?

        Who do you think will manage the employees that maintain the lines and sytems in states other than Louisiana?

        I hope that your mother has kicked that drug and alchohol problem she had when you were born. You are indeed proof that drugs and alchohol used durring pregnancy will make others end up like you!!!

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