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  • shlerbeater shlerbeater Feb 15, 2013 12:47 PM Flag

    Dividend and buyback

    So the dividend goes from $2.90 a year to $2.16 a year per share. Who cares? At the current share price, $2.16 per share per year is about 6.7%. When the share price was above $40, the dividend yield was right at 7%. So, at this price, you still get almost the same dividend yield as before, plus you get the potential of share price increase. As a bonus, the buyback program will help support the share price. I bought more this morning...

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    • "WHO CARES" -- PEOPLE WHO ARE INVESTED CARE ! - we want people to take care of our investment $.
      not Enrow jerks - not Barny Madoff slime's - GET THE POINT ? ?

    • I care. Apparently you are a novice investor who does not really own any shares. I am a 70-year old investor who has held CTL for over 10 years. My position is over $30K. At my cost basis my position was yielding 8%. I also had a capital gain of almost 17%. Now thanks to management’s stupidity I have a capital loss of minus 11%, which is an overnight drop of 28% in my position. And, my yield is now only 6%. You are a perfect example of why we need to reform our educational system.

    • Admittedly, "who cares?", was not the best choice of words. And, as someone who bought near $40, I sympathize with those who lost share value. I guess my overall point is that the price now to me is a very attractive entry point and/or good time to average down. My guess is this will be back in the $38 to $45 range by the end of the year. And, even though a little lower than before, the dividend yield is still much higher than any savings accounts are offering right now.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • WHO CARES ??? anyone whos entire investment made over a yr. ago was totally wiped out and those who have been buying in the last yr. are now heavy losers . u think they are going to get their $ back on dividends ?? u seem to forget , 1000's of people were already in .. stupid question ;.

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      • I was one of the guys already in for a long time. Boy do I feel horrible right now. I was shocked to see my profolio's value this morning and called thinking someone hacked into the account and got an unauthorized distribution. I was going to pull money out earlier this week but got delayed. I understand the stock price will recover over time but not in my timeframe. I can't believe the CTL board did this to it stockholders. Shame on me.

    • WHAT? Who cares if they wern't holding the stock. If you held the stock you lost both 25% of your dividend and 22% of your stock price. I can't believe you posted this and I did not own the stock but I did buy a little yesterday. That being sid I sure do undestand WHO CARES!

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