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  • cag1954 cag1954 Aug 6, 2013 12:44 AM Flag

    Tentative agreement, back room deals and bottom line

    After several months of closed negotiations, we finally got a chance to see what CWA and CTL have agreed to in the Qwest area.

    It's difficult to crunch the numbers to the extent of being able to say precisely how much of a pay cut CWA members are taking over the length of the contract but make no mistake it IS a pay cut. Not to worry, we all knew it was going that way and honestly the membership won't have the guts to vote it down. Sure we'll all whine and complain about it but when push comes to shove we are going to suck it up and take it.

    What I'm really curious to see is if the non represented , especially management, will be asked to make the same sacrifies or whether the savings are just going to be channelled to larger bonuses for the big guy and those down the line.

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    • Typical "it's all about me" union member with no clue about reality. The fact is, the non-represented employees have been taking cuts for years now; and none of us feel sorry for you.

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      • You 'non-represented' employees have been taking cuts for years now because you are all a bunch of know-nothing #$%$. You don't DO anything and never have and have been paid commensurate to your laughable skills. You sit around and watch everyone else work. You are nothing but a hall monitor and aren't very good at that anyway. Why should you get to keep the same pay/benefits when your paycheck comes from the people that actually do something for a living? Why don't you go out and see if you can get a job that pays you to watch TV too, you worthless bellhead. The legacy Qwest end is lousy with stupid front line supervisors and managers that couldn't do work if their pathetic lives depended on it. You are nothing but a bunch of talentless YES men/women and micro-managers that can barely manage to get the correct shoes on each foot every morning.

        Here's some advice for you, Successnotincluded. The next time you have a thought, just cram your head up your filthy crack before you start talking. That way, nobody has to listen to anything that comes out of your sub-verbal pie hole anymore and maybe you'll suffocate too. Of course, the suffocation is not likely because you are used to having your nose stuffed somewhere brown and shaped like upper management all the time already.

        Get a real job, loser.

      • My post was a statement of fact, it was not my intention to ask for "sympathy" because at the end of the day, whether we settle for this contract or not is our choice.

        I do feel for you "non represented" who may have taken a pay cut over the past couple of years...maybe you should be represented instead of celebrating our misfortune?

        Bottom line though is that if if we are expected to take a pay cut, so should the non represented, especially the people calling the shots.

        If this company is failing it is because those with a say in how the business is run have spent too much time making excuses. We should be doing a lot better than we are.

      • You are the one with no clue about reality. As a 30+ year non-represented retiree of NWB/USW/Q, I can guarantee you two things. Yes, we non-represented folks took a lot of cuts. BUT, we also rode a long train of nice gains which were awarded ONLY because they were deemed necessary to keep pace with the hard fought gains negotiated by CWA for it's represented members.
        Maybe you don't feel sorry for the union folks, but I owe them thanks for making my retirement more comfortable than it could have been, and I also extend them my sympathy for the fact that the CWA recently turned into a paper tiger and left them justly feeling unappreciated in this latest contract proposal.

      • Typical "non-represented" employee, who is so jealous. "If I don't have it, nobody should!".
        BOO-HOO. Horrible attitude that allows corporate america to rape the workers.
        The real fact is,that we have taken cuts every year, while this company piles up more cash. Why wouldn't you want us to get a strong contract, so you could be next? Just because you work for scraps does not mean everyone should. You, evidently; have no clue about reality.

    • One of the big crimes from the last century was the breakup of AT&T. One of the main springs in this happenning was a very leftist congressman from San Diego, Lonel Van Deerlin. He was caught with his family touring Eyrope courtesy of the lobbyist for IT&T. I could tell you something about him that effected me personally.. Just think of all the money made by the shysters on Wall Street playing games with all the pieces of the old Bell System. It was the best system on earth at one time and treated employees fairly with decent pay and benefits.

    • Go find another job if you think you're unappreciated and under-compensated for your particular skill set.

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