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  • longdkb longdkb Oct 10, 2013 10:07 AM Flag

    what is causing this CTL Bull rally?

    Up 5% in two days. Is this part of the company buying its own shares?

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    • Sure CenturyLink buying back its shares is part of it. The stock price is undervalued and the company does not want to miss buying its shares at these low prices. This tells you that the company is strong and solid. This has a positive impact on earnings per share.

    • My guess probably the buyback and the 6.9% divy and it looks like the fed is not going to "taper" any time soon since the right wing wacko Repb. screwed the economy & the taper was what started the exodus from telephone stocks right? Just glad to see the rebound.

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      • Yeah. Those crazy Republicans want gov't to stop overspending and causing inflation from the FED having to print money and make the prices of everything go up ... which hurts the poor more than anyone else. No honest gov't = no honest money = no honest politicians = dumb public who buys into the 10 second twitter sound bites. Look at other countries that debased their currency starting with Great Britain (now UK) and work your way back to Greece. Enjoy the show (if you can afford it). And yes ... the Republicans suck too because of Medicare Part D. What was W thinking? And the war with Iraq which we could not have afforded without the power of the FED's printing press. So pretty much any big gov't politicians suck ... no matter the party.

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