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  • roscoeed roscoeed Apr 16, 2010 9:07 PM Flag

    does PPC supply KFC I know TSN does some

    if ppc supplies yum ( kfc )this stock is way under valued ,concidering the china market. look at yum expansion ino china 1000 kfc's are planed to opened in the next 2 years in china( over a billion people plus the yaun will increase in value compared to the dollor which means more purchasing power for our chines frinds.)ck yum news letters for your self... not counting the india market. go yum and ppc. wait untill the russian market continues to by chicken from ppc again ppc is way under valued

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    • might be right because none of us know what will be on the KFC CHINA MENU...It might feature Chicken Paws in 100 different COMBINATIONS!!!! Time will tell. With the Chinese Ecomony expanding and the Chinese People wanting more of everything I think the U.S. Companies will get their share of this huge market. It is great to live free and have opportunity. I hope the Chinese People have their chance real soon.....JMPO.....glta

    • ROS: NICE DREAM.... But Yum Will be required to "SOURCE CHICKEN" With in those AREAS....Not import ALL OF IT!!! SEEE MICKEY-DEE's* In USSR.... They Bought / had custom packed their... STUFF???..... Inside USSR ...Wildman. * Ray Crock his... BOOK "GRINDING THEM OUT".... As Memory serves me?? BWTFDIRK..

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      • WILD IS RIGHT. Chicken for China will be produded in CHINA. That country has its own major chicken industry that already has lower cost of production than U.S. producers - not to mention savings on ocean freight.

        The number of restaurants KFC builds in China (or any foreign country) has ZERO to do with PPC profits. U.S. chicken industry exports are almost exclusively leg quarters (mainly to Russia, Iraq and Turkey), a few whole birds to middle east, and paws to china. A little bit of value-added stuff but not enough to matter.

        The U.S. is not going to be a major world supplier to any foreign market except for the items above. (The leg quarters are already hugely important). Brazil is the largest exporter of breast meat and whole birds to other countries BECAUSE of Brazilian govt. subsidies of grain, etc. U.S. chicken companies can not compete with Brazil's cost, and JBS owning PPC does not changes the fundamentals of its U.S. costs. PPC profits are dependent on U.S. chicken and grain markets - and on its U.S. sales mix and ops efficiency.

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