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  • pomoteme pomoteme Sep 9, 2001 10:33 PM Flag


    arrow tries to make you feel privileged to work for them, and that in itself is bullshit. if you work for a company arrow is going to acquire, face it, you are screwed. they come in nice and slow, make you get comfortable and then come the layoffs as you are assimilated into the arrow conglomerate. unless you are in senior management, you truly are a peon and they are very well aware of it. I have met the Ceo, Fran S, he is a very shrewd businessman and a nice guy. good for shareholders, not so good for employees. The chairman, Steve Kaufman, is also a great guy but they are strictly business.

    good stock to add to the portfolio but dont work there and watch for market cycles/chip shortages!!!!

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    • actually genius, i am working and myrelationships are just fine, but you're uninformed opinion is rather laughable.

      am also surely making more $$ than yourself.

      thanks for playing along buddyboy!!!! :)

    • Golly, gee whiz beaver.

      The luddite can spell "idiot" (an obvious self-description)...

      I wonder what you'll do for an encore...


    • You obviously have issues.

      People like yourself don't tend to last long in jobs (er, maybe that is why you feel so pitifully inept) or relationships.

      You need to get a life.

      Da' Pyle driver

    • I disagree, I worked at Arrow from 1982-1993
      and had many opportuities with Arrow, I was asked to transfer to either Sparks Nevada or Aurora Colorado. I chose Aurora and then left the company ..The only reason I left was because my family had a very difficult time adapting to the move. I met Steve Kaufman on a number of times and he is a people person....I can also tell you that Betty Jane Scheihing-- my immediate boss, is one of the most outstanding people I have ever met...She is certainly devoted to her job. She is even more devoted to the people that work for her....
      People always remember the good people in thier lives. Betty Jane Scheihing will always be in mine. Additionally, Arrow rewards Managers and people that do a fine job. I still have friends there and have been infomred they give 12-13 week sabaticals to all employees. I'm sure the number of weeks are based on yrs of service.. anyway good luck to all..Arrow is an excellent company and it really bothered me to make a decision to leave them.....

    • Hey -

      Amen, all but one of the posts regarding anything of substance was before the attacks. Believe me, the last thing 99.9% of all Americans are thinking of is what has happened and sending out prayers and thoughts to all the people effected.

      Peace - Jo

    • wish i knew who u were GOMER - very fitting name

    • look at the dates of my posts idiot, pre-tragedy

    • You obviously are a babbling idiot. Since you have nothing better to do with your time but rip Arrow, maybe its' best that you are "PERSONNA-NON-GRATIS".

      We have just experienced the ultimate tragedy in our country, and all you care to whine about is your "f---ing dislike for Arrow". I wiSh I knew who you were, because you deserve to be jobless.

      In case you haven't noticed, "its the economy stupid". Times arE tough for the entire U.S. economy. And regardless of where you work, or what you do, you are ultimately subject to the same perils - including work force reductions - that many other Americans are EXPERIENCING.
      It ain't just "Arrow and Avnet".

      You are no different than any other proud soul. You just seem to have ZERO dignity.

      ...Again, just in case you missed my earlier post;
      You have to do for yourself what others will not.

      It is tough now, and it will get even tougher before it gets better.

      So in closing I will urge you to get over it.

      You could hav had a wonderful job, and been sitting at your desk in thw WTC in New York.

      Think about that the next time you feel a sudden "Bitch-Attack".

      Gomer (100% American made and "DAMN PROUD OF IT").

    • btw, pototeme, does not work for arrow/wyle, he has totally mixed up info on all accounts...tsc layoff was all components, I won't go into more detail. that's what you get when you play telephone. I am not saying all things are roses, but be careful what you take as gospel

    • potomem is a negative idiot. keep looking for jobs because you will never hold any with that attitude. deepest in long island is right, downsizing sucks, but look at our economy, we are lucky we have had jobs this long!

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