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  • roky_mtn_hi roky_mtn_hi Jun 6, 2012 11:38 PM Flag

    Layoffs Looming

    Missed 1st qtr earnings. Will miss 2nd qtr earings. New York will close sooner than later...ML owes CO about 500 jobs, and he is not creating them. Look to September for the staffing action

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    • Product managers got the word today.Staggered layoff. Moving function to Denver.Still no word of any managers getting hit. Pretty soon it will be mostly chiefs and very few indians. To quote a guy from Intel- You can't swing a dead cat around here without hitting a manager.
      One poor person I know has taken 2 paycuts and 2 layoff notices in the last year.

    • Are layoffs ever NOT looming at this hellhole?
      Layoffs are always followed up by a bunch of posts by people whining they were cut because they made too much and those still on board who fool themselves into thinking they didn't get cut because they were good performers.
      One wonders how much this company paid years ago to be listed as a top place to work. I swear it's the unhappiest group of people I've ever seen. I hope you all get laid off for your own good.

    • I heard the NU Ho group just had some layoffs. Coupled with some firings at Arrow they are cutting headcount slowly but surely.Did I mention the "effective rates" continue to plague salespeople. Another way to cut compensation. Has a salesperson ever asked his manager- Did you manage effectively today????

    • The company is still overmanaged with a gaggle on VP's running around. The component business still hasn't either figured out or does not want to admit that they should move more to the Digikey model. Outside reps are farming their territories and milking it to the hilt. Their managers are petrified to "carry a bag" again and are hoping they can squeeze a few more years out of the deal. Little to no growth in North America and they need to cut costs. The folks that manage contract manufacturers have been stealing a paycheck for years.

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