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  • TAvery49 TAvery49 May 8, 2002 9:51 PM Flag

    SIVB near term

    If today's trade is any indication, SIVB up 3.82% only a few cents off its 52 week high, on 1.007 million shares traded today vs. 459.9 thousand average daily volume bodes well for the near term.

    A rest in the next couple of days wouldn't be unexpected. But continued strength if the tech market sells off would be good. The chart is looking very good. Hitting 35 and then a downsloping handle would be most positive.

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    • Generalissimo,

      To be honest, I am not privy to the content of your posts as my interest in internet boards is merely superfecial, with the obivous exception of your last post. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that your insights must be clever and insightful, but maintain my very defensible position that anyone who grants himself a military title without the tradional trials associated with it and further refers to himself or herself in the third person must be afflicted with a certain arrogance that ultimately must taint once's outlook of the world in which he or she lives. Therefore, I concluded that big self inflicted burden must rest or your shoulders which taints your opinion and renders you a little funny in my eyes. But as long as it is legal you go General !

      Brymel (only made it to Lance Corporal)

    • I would appreciate whatever explanation you could give about your technical analysis. Thanks

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      • ltboax,

        Put up a 2 year chart of SIVB on Yahoo. Lay over the 50 and 200 day moving averages. Then click the "bar" option for price display rather than line.

        My read on SIVB is that it is currently on the right side of a cup that topped on the left side over $60 in Sept. of 2000. It looked as though it might have bottomed in Apr of '01 below $20 as it made a run up to $30+ in May, but fell back below $20 in July and Aug of '01. Then in Sept of '01, post 9-11, there was the real bottom in the mid-teens. By Oct of '01 SIVB was back through $20. The test of whether that was a real upturn was the Apr '02 mid $20s low. Shortly thereafter the 50 day moving average crossed through the 200 day moving average, going up, and now both the 50 and the 200 are headed up.

        There is currently a 2 to 3 month cup with mid-April 2002 as the low point. Technically, a slightly downsloping handle from the right edge of the cup on lower volume is the classic formation. However, SIVB is at $32.01 on the close Friday, so bulls shouldn't complain. Assuming a real economic recovery, in 6 to 8 months we could be well above $45 and on the way to $60.

      • it is approaching 25x 2002 estimated earnings, I think it is getting a little expensive from a fundamental standpoint.

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