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  • brotherbucks brotherbucks May 4, 2001 1:09 PM Flag

    5 Banks in one

    At the shareholder's meeting two weeks ago,as part of a slide show presentation,there was a slide with the above title. This was reported to me (I did not attend) by a friend who attended. As such, this is probably a (very)flawed replication of what was said.
    Apparently the 5 banks are;
    1)A Commercial Bank-just what they have
    been doing so well for so long.
    2)Private Banking-something that they have been doing but in a limited way.
    3)Merchant Banking- Includes the Funds that they have been investing as well as their
    direct equity investing.
    4)Internet related Banking (my friend could not remember the actual word that was used).
    They have been doing stuff in this area for
    some time but I never have quite understood their overall strategy here.
    5)Investment Banking-this would include equity/debt$,M&A,etc. They tried to do this with Pru. a few years ago but it seems to have
    wound down(as it was destined to do-monster Pru and mainstream investment bankers are to SIVB bankers as oil is to water).
    Remember--this is second hand recapitulation
    and not to be taken too seriously without more informed input (if I don't trust myself,you certainly shouldn't!).
    Later I will give my personal, and likely wild take on this flimsy info. Good weekend if I can't get to it 'til Mon.
    (PS-seems like the shorts have covered and left town)

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