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  • beckkaul beckkaul Jun 1, 2012 11:27 PM Flag


    Like I said on May 8; It would be interesting to see the Insider trading for April.

    Well the answer's in: they all exercised options (cost's in the $6 range), getting OUT above $13.

    Where are we 50 days after they bailed? $9.56 and dropping like a stone.

    I dumped at $14 and will get back in at $ 7.00-$7.50

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    • I agree. This company has such a small float (esp is you look at the trading shares outside of insiders and inst) that the control is by the insiders, and it has has a ride that jumps on earnings and falls back for years. Even back to when it hit 77 before the bubble burst. I think you may not get the $7 shares, but maybe 7.97. I'll put in a buy there. Maybe this will be another BAMM, where they try to take it private, with an offer for 8$, after bringing it down to 7$? Saying it is a nice $1 over last trading price? Something odd has been going on with this equity for the past 20 years.. How can a company trade so far under book value for so long, and have revenue?? At least pay a dividend. THis is not any allegation. It is just meandering thought about why it trades so low, and follows this trend.

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      • This company is much different than just a few years back. You should not compare the old with the new. The reason there is no dividend, is because of the acquisitions and investment in growth. The trading of years past has changed. If you want to get stuck in the past, then that is your choice, and waiting for a lower entry may not be the right move. But invest the way you choose. I see this going much higher in the coming months. Trade with today, not the past. Best wishes to all.

    • You forgot one thing. Those options you speak of? They were automatic trades. In other words, the holders did not sell by choice. They were exercised by rules. You are not reading into it enough. I doubt this stock will stay this low. Retail is very strong, and with the recent acquisitions, this will certainly move up. Nothing negative on this one.

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      • I would like to see the "rules". The last time I had options,once they were vested you could exercise the option and hold the stock. The decision to exercise and sell at the same time is made by option holders who want the cash or don't want to exercise and HOLD because there is a tax due on the profit over the option strike price.

        An option holder, who believes the stock has a good upside would not sell their stock - making them a long term investor. Programed selling is an option holders choice.

      • a broken clock is correct twice a day.

        the company reported excellent earnings and the stock popped 15% AFTER your comment before retreating (um, maybe the worst month in the market of the past two years had something to do with that?)

        and, as the prior commentator noted, insider sales were done under an automated program with NO input from the insiders. i don't think that was a 'tell' although if you in fact sold at >$14 or have 20/20 hindsight like the rest of us, congrats, probably time to get back onboard.

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