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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 1, 1997 9:59 PM Flag

    /M/Manhattan Beach, CA

    I just extended my opinion on the impact on VOXX
    if they are added to the Russell 3000. Dolphini
    actually brought up the subject.

    I would not
    surprise me if they are added. I used to have a good link
    that discloses requirements for listing and delisting.
    I can't find it though. However, they are actively
    changing their lists much more frequently than S&P

    Dolphini seems to keep this board up to date. He may have
    a good URL for everyone.

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    • Well, It's like Andy Grove said at an on-site
      meeting regarding Intel stock:

      "It's OK to have
      all your eggs in one basket, but *watch the


      -mairez (who has lots of eggs in Andy's basket)

    • good question

      1) momemtum and day traders - not long term investors
      2) uninformed investors who got caught in euphoria when it looked like all techies would always got up indefinitely.

    • I couldn't have summarized it better myself. Thanks for the input on the subject, lacloy.

    • I think VOXX will make it okay, but I only have
      4,500 shares myself. I hope your purchase is less than
      10% of your total portfolio. It is never a good idea
      to have too much in one stock because you never know
      where the next "earthquake" will shake up a stock.
      You do have the right idea though. Find a stock with
      good fundamentals. Buy it. See it through to a price
      less than you think is the top. Sell it. Find


    • I really still don't understand, so I guess I
      should not be in the stock market if one needs to know
      this kind of "maneuvering"....I bought 10,000 shares
      of VOXX based on their growth and fundamentals, with
      less risk on dealing phones rather than making phones.
      I am still going to hold this stock and wait for it
      to get through all of these crazy and
      hard-to-understand "maneuvers" will get through them, won't
      it???? Ha, Ha. Thanks again!

    • I'm not Kodiak but he is referring to to common
      occurences in the market.
      Filling the gap. Often, after a
      stock gaps up or down, the stock will come back later
      and trade in the area which previously
      There are many theories as to why this is so, including
      the one that the theory is self fulfilling and people
      will sell at a profit faster when they feel there is a
      gap to be filled, or wait for the stock to fall back
      before buying the stock if they want to buy it.
      happens often enough to be one of the tools one should
      seriously consider when buying into or exiting a
      Market Makers sometimes will prop up a stock by quoting
      bid and asked and even trading amongst themselves.
      The reason for this may vary from too much stock in
      inventory to trying to keep a market up knowing a big buyer
      is coming in and wanting to get more for their
      inventory to trying to keep a market up so a valued large
      customer can exit without getting killed.
      Same reasons
      in reverse for pulling a market down.
      Many people
      buy or sell emotionally based on what they perceive
      as a bottom or top for a stock or that a stock is
      trending one way or another. Many modern stock trading
      programs also set their buy or sell criteria based on
      this. Market Makers merely take advantage of this for
      their own purposes, similar to a specialist on the big
      By the way, I also thought we had a little propping
      near 21.
      I am sure Kodiak can give you a much
      better analysis of these items when he gets time, but
      this will get your thinking cap perking.


    • How can a company growing at this clip in the
      telecom field and with a p/e of 14 or 15 on trailing
      earnings be beaten down so far, with a chance to "fill the
      gap" at 19 per Dolphin? I know I'm a novice, but I
      just don't get it??? Why would investors buy in March
      at 30, 40, 50, 60...all the way up to 72, and now it
      will "fill the gap" at 18 or 19??? I'm not trying to
      be a smart-alec, but I'm trying to learn...thanks!!!

    • how do the MM's prop up the "bid and ask"? Thanks for the info.

    • Did you get the feeling that the MM's were propping up the Bid & Ask most of the day today (6/26/2000)?

    • Didn't understand "fill the gap". Now I see what you meant.

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