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  • Dr_mysterio Dr_mysterio Apr 28, 2006 5:46 PM Flag

    Slightly OT - short humour?

    My favorite shorts and what to do with them:


    Type 2.
    day1: Hi, I�m new to this board (new to investing too!). I heard from my brother-in-law�s barber that this stock was going to rocket!! I am psyched!!! I did my due diligence and read the home page of the company�s website, so I know a little bit about the technology now, too!!!! GO AVII!!!!!

    Day 2: You all know I have been long this stock since Jesus rocked, but I�m getting kind of worried. Anyone have any idea why the 3 cent drop today?

    Day 3: Wow, down another 5 cents. OK, maybe I shouldn�t have sold my food stamps to buy this POS. I red on another message bord that maybe there technology is boguss, so I�m wondering what to do� should I hang on? Maybe I�ll sell haff here to cut my losses� what should I do?

    Day 4: I can�t stand the pain!!! I�ve had it with this POS. I�m dumping man! (but for some strange reason, I�ll keep posting here anyway).
    (I warned you, but you kindly gave this �poor sap� the benefit of the doubt� now ignore)

    3. Well, I have a pHd in marketology from Online University, and everyone who graduates gets a double-secret all-purpose n-dimensional, n-directional Papal-issued (guaranteed infallible) combination utility pocket knife and stock market compass made of pure triple-annealed Unobtainium. Right now it�s telling me this stock is a SELLLLLL!

    (Unobtainium? Hmmm� oh well, ignore)

    4. Antisense? Are you out of your mind!?? I looked into that technology 10 years ago, and I can tell you, that dog won�t hunt. Never has, never will. I�d rather put all my money in a garbage can and light it on fire than invest in another antisense company�

    (sigh� ignored).

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